Wednesday, December 11, 2019

[MV] BoA (feat. Crush) - Starry Night

[MV] Golden (G.Soul) - Hate Everything

G.Soul is now using 'Golden' as his artist name.

[MV] CL - +PARADOX171115+

[MV] CL - +I QUIT180327+

There have been great subtitles on all CL's new videos in tons of languages. Make sure you don't miss the lyrics on this one. Tea.

[MV] Park Bom, Sandara Park - The First Snow

[Short VV] EXID - Bad Girl For You (Jpn.)

EXID's Japanese contract is still active.

[MV] WishGirls - We The WishGirls

[MV] Primary - Slow down & When I fall in love

Slow down (feat. Meego, HAON):

When I fall in love (ft. Meego, SURAN):

[MV] HOLLAND - Loved you better


[MV] GIRIBOY - The Time Is Now

[MV] JUN YOUNG (feat. MRSHLL) - Heavy Seoul


[MV] Leenzy - PETER PAN & KiD



[MV] Budung - Sword

This video takes such a sudden turn. Oh my god. Looool.

Monday, December 9, 2019

[MV] Stray Kids - Levanter

Enjoying the more rock-ish sound of this one.


BewhY's production. He's been doing a lot of weird/fun shit lately.

[MV] OVAN (feat. Leebada) - Christmas Rose

[MONTHLY] Favorites for NOVEMBER 2019

Let's have a top 3 for last month. Anyone who has followed KPOPPY for a while will probably have some sense I like dark sounding music. Moody. Melancholy. That really came through in November. Brighter tracks are definitely outnumbered here.

I absolutely loved (G)I-DLE's 'LION', especially the dark but delicate intro and outro. Also into the message/lyrics. Good stuff. Then 1TEAM's 'MAKE THIS' is more typical for a boy group sound in the verses, but then the chorus caught me off guard. It's just so crunchy and bass-y. No vocal. Something about this sound is totally satisfying for me. Finally, I really enjoyed MAMAMOO's 'HIP'. Not much a fan of the video, but just listening to the song in isolation felt like a callback to some of their earliest music with a weird mix of bluesy/almost ragtime elements and hip hop. Interesting.

In the full post: HINAPIA, Vincent, HyunA, Primary, Ordinary Pep, Young Sky, MOMMY SON, Jane/Stella Jang (cheating since it's in French, the guitar though!), XIA, Jukjae, SLEEPY, Guckkasten, and IU.

Friday, December 6, 2019



[MV] NELL - Cliché

Jongwan's voice having that extra tuning on it hurts me. Lol.

[MV] THE BOYZ - White

[MV] Crush - Alone

[MV] Amber Liu - Numb

[AUDIO] Halsey, SUGA - SUGA's Interlude

[MV] Lee Jun Young - Curious About U


Both were eliminated on Produce X 101.

[MV] Giriboy - Snow Sweeping

[MV] AVIN (feat. PENOMECO, pH-1) - Take It Away

[DEBUT] Blue.D (feat. MINO) - NOBODY

[MV] Jung Seunghwan - My Christmas Wish

[MV] HUS X RISSO - Silly


[MV] MBA (feat. EK, BOLA, Make A Movie) - LAMBO

[MV] V.O.S - Live Well

[MV] Kim Na Young, Yang Da Il - Goodbye List

[MV] Martin Smith - FILM

[MV] Momentsyumi - Call my name

[MV] So Soo Bin - The warmest gift

Official channel link

Friday, November 29, 2019

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

[MV] EXO - Obsession

Another spectacle of an MV. Not into the song much though.
The more melodious R&B-ish parts are nice, but they're overwhelmed by the rest, imo.

[MV] BOL4, WH3N - New York

[MV] AOA - Come See Me

Official channel link


[MV] Dynamic Duo (feat. PENOMECO) - MSG

Sorta violent. Criminal underground kinda stuff. Nothing too graphic.

[MV] ONE - Stone

[MV] Kim Yuna - WBWY

[MV] Jukjae - Letter

[MV] Swan - Not Fine

[MV] Yoon Jong Shin - Alone Again

[MV] Sandy (feat. VINXEN) - SPARK

Sunday, November 24, 2019

[ADMIN] A sad note...

Decided to get up-to-date on MVs because I needed a distraction with the news of Goo Hara's passing, but I will probably be taking a break from posting for the rest of the week. ❤

[MV] ASTRO - Blue Flame


[MV] Amber Liu - Curiosity

[MV] Crush - With You

[MV] Sungmin - Orgel

[MV] Dynamic Duo - Flash

[MV] SMTOWN - This is Your Day

Collab with UNICEF.

[MV] HUI & KINO - La Di Da


[MV] DINDIN - Liar and Fallin' Down

Liar (feat. LYn):

Fallin' Down (feat. Lee Wonseok):

[MV] MINAH - Butterfly

[MV] Jukjae - Lullaby


[MV] Jinhyuk (feat. GUIN, XII) - RUDE

[MV] D'avant - Gotta Be

[MV] Kim Youngchul - Signal Light

Monday, November 18, 2019

[MV] IU - Blueming

[MV] IU - above the time

[MV] Golden Child - WANNABE

[SPECIAL MV] TXT - Magic Island

The actual 'Magic Island' song is only from 6:10 to 8:10.
BigHit is building TXT's cinematic universe like they did with BTS, so this is basically all storyline. More of a short film than a music video.

[CF] Korean Air X SuperM - Let's Go Everywhere

[MV] ORLY - Crush on You

[MV] Changjo (Teen Top) - Never Anything

[MV] Woosung (feat. Peniel) - Beautiful Girl

[MV] South Club - twice

[MV] DAYBREAK - kickkick

[MV] ONE - Hard To Love

[MV] Luri (feat. Bryn) - Blah Blah

[MV] Knave - How could I say

[MV] Kim Haena - shake it (28youth)

[MV] JANE (feat. Stella Jang) - C'est La Vie

It's completely in French, but the guitar is so killer I wanted to post it. Jane is the guitarist, btw.
There is also an audio only Korean version.

Thursday, November 14, 2019


Official channel link

Legit love this! The chorus feels like a throwback to early Mamamoo, which I dig.

[MV] Stray Kids - Astronaut

[MV] Rainbow - Aurora

Official channel link

10 year anniversary.

[MV] IN2IT - ULlala

[MV] Eric Nam (feat. Marc E. Bassy) - Congratulations

[MV] Young Sky (feat. KANGJUN) - COLDBLOOD

[MV] Ordinary pep - Pencil Case

Gonna dance like this forever now.

[MV] Lulileela - Fantasy

[MV] Bomin - You & I

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

[MV] MFBTY - Dream Catcher

[MV] Primary (feat. Jade) - Bad High

There are some really creepy CGI elements in here that have the potential to gross some folks out.

[MV] ZICO (feat. Dvwn) - Being left

[MV] Seven O'clock - Midnight Sun


Been a long time since I disliked a track as much as this. XD

[MV] ELRIS - Miss U

[MV] True Damage (feat. Soyeon) - GIANTS

Soyeon's rap verse is in Korean. The rest is in English or Spanish.


[MV] PUNCHNELLO (feat. Yerin Baek) - Doodle

[MV] Eluphant (feat. Punch) - Winter Rain

[MV] RAVI (feat. Sik-K, Xydo) - LIMITLESS



[MV] MC MONG (feat. Song Gain, Chancellor) - FAME

Saturday, November 9, 2019

[MONTHLY] Favorites for OCTOBER 2019

I spent most of October white-knuckling it on the edge of an evacuation zone and massive wildfire, with no electricity or internet. Not super conducive to giving K-Pop the usual amount of attention. Lol. I still have a bunch of albums to catch up on.

Only one top pick for the month! It's Taeyeon's 'Spark'. Partly because the fire in the MV made me genuinely uncomfortable. I guess I can count myself among the many Californians who now have fire-related PTSD. Oh boy! Partly because PG&E cut off power to a huge population to prevent 'sparking' a wildfire and then it was one of their own still-on transmission lines that 'sparked' the Kincade. So, I have 'sparks' on the mind.

But mostly because I genuinely love this track. A lot of Taeyeon's recent stuff has a rock/blues feel, which is totally my jam. This one has some Rolling in the Deep vibes, but with more vibrant pop energy. I dig.

In the full post: Limesoda, Ladies' Code, N.Flying, SURL, WENGIE/MINNIE, AleXa, ONF, TXT, NU'EST, AIVAN, Brown Eyed Girls, Hoody, and Leenzy.

Thursday, November 7, 2019


Really whimsical instrumental. It's nice.


[MV] Zion.T - May

[MV] Amber Liu - Other People

[MV] GOT7 - You Calling My Name


Official channel link

[MV] 1TEAM - Make This

Official channel link

[MV] VICTON - nostalgic night

[MV] BVNDIT - Dumb


Sunday, November 3, 2019


Hot damn. Theatrical af.
I haven't kept up with Queendom, but this is an MV version of their finale performance for the show.

Queendom performance


4/5 members are formerly members of Pristin.

[MV] Yubin (feat. Yoon Mi Rae) - Silent Movie

[MV] Hoody (feat. Ugly Duck) - Stay

[MV] OnlyOneOf - sage

[MV] Guckkasten - Hunt

[MV] Jessi (feat. Jay Park) - Drip


[MV] MC MONG (feat. Park Bom) - CHANEL

[AUDIO] IU - Love poem

I made the 'mistake' of reading translations of IU's lyrics for this and the album introduction on MelOn. Got me crying for like 10 minutes straight. Here's an intro translation on Twitter if you would also like to bawl your eyes out. @iu_haneul


[MV] NIDA (Feat. FEB) - Call Me

[MV] Seo Ye Ahn - wonder

Saturday, November 2, 2019

[MV] Taeyeon - Spark

Quite like this.

[MV] Brown Eyed Girls - Wonder Woman

This MV is a riot. Really fun.

[MV] Brown Eyed Girls - Abandoned

[MV] MONSTA X - Follow

Official channel link

[MV] TWICE - Fake & True (Jpn.)

[MV] Hoody (feat. GRAY) - Adios

[MV] ZICO - Balloon

[MV] We Girls - HEART BEAT


Official channel link

[MV] Samuel Seo - Playaplayaplaya

[MV] Bz-Boys - YESSIR


[MV] myunDo, Choi Seo Hyun - HOUSE PARTY

[MV] Lee Young Ji - Dark Room

[MV] Leenzy - It's Alright

[MV] 1/N - I'm So Tired

Thursday, October 31, 2019

[ADMIN] Quick update...

Once again, California is on fire. Just like two years ago, I've been in close proximity to a massive wildfire. PG&E has been doing these preventative power shutoffs through the month of October, so posting regularly has been challenging. The most recent of which left me with no electricity or internet for the last five days across two windstorms. Stressssss.

Anyway, will be posting again soon, but needing to decompress a little before getting back into the normal routine. Hope you're all well!

Monday, October 21, 2019


[MV] TXT - Run Away

Loving this rock sound for them!


[DEBUT] AleXa - Bomb

Debuting in the new ZANYBROS label. Makes sense the video would be spectacular, since they've made a ton of K-Pop's most iconic MVs.

[MV] TWICE - Be as ONE

4th Anniversary for Twice!

[MV] Akdong Musician - Fish in the water

[MV] ZELO - Drunken Master

[MV] ONF - All Day

[MV] Henry (feat. Rocoberry) - Don't Forget

[MV] Knave - Cloudy

[MV] Joji & Jackson Wang (feat Swae Lee, Major Lazer) - Walking

This video. XD

Friday, October 18, 2019

[MV] BTS (feat. Lauv) - Make It Right

Re-release of Make It Right (b-side on Persona) with a feature by Lauv.

[MV] WENGIE (feat. Minnie of (G)I-DLE)) - EMPIRE

[MV] Bumkey - October Sky

Official channel link


[MV] SURL - Dry Flower


[MV] LYn (with George) - Farewell

[MV] TeRish (feat. SKULL) - BURN

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

[MV] N.Flying - GOOD BAM

Official channel link

[MV] Heize - Falling Leaves are Beautiful

[MV] Lim Hyunsik (BTOB) - DEAR LOVE

[MV] Lim Kim - YELLOW

Kinda fascinating to see Lim Kim go in a totally different direction with her music.

[MV] Cacophony - Spring

[MV] Xydo - Spotlight

[MV] ode - Sleepless

[MV] Slow Steady - After A Long Day

Mostly posting for the animation. Caught my eye because I think the dancer is rotoscope animated from a pro dancer performing variations from... Coppelia? Giselle? Seems like a combination of things. Cute.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

[MONTHLY] Favorites for SEPTEMBER 2019

A little late this month due to a series of unfortunate utility-related events. Had a plumbing mess with a couple broken pipes and was also one of the lucky PG&E customers to be hit by the power outages due to the weather creating fire danger. No running water and then no electricity. Basically been camping at home for the last week. Yeehaw.

Some chill, de-stressing tracks at the top. Hoody, as usual, bringing the catchy R&B groove with some nice bass. Then Sunwoo JungA once again with my favorite track from her album, this exquisite near-acappella meditation with a touch of weird. Heaven.

In the full post: HWAJA, Jang Woohyuk/Babylon, CLC, Sonnet Son, TEEN TEEN, Dreamcatcher, TWICE, J-Hope/Becky G, AKMU, Lee Seung Hwan, Samuel Seo, and ONEUS.

[MV] Stray Kids - Double Knot

[MV] Tiffany - Run For Your Life

[MV] Ladies' Code - SET ME FREE

[MV] NELL - See U in Five

Official channel link

[MV] Advanced (feat. SHAUN) - My Bad

[MV] Eian - Runaway

Tuesday, October 8, 2019



[MV] ONF - Why

[MV] GreatGuys - BE ON YOU

[MV] OVAN - Missed Call

[MV] Paul Kim - empty

[MV] Kei (Lovelyz) - I Go

[MV] George - Nuclear Family

[MV] Jinsil X NAU - The Way It Is

[MV] Cacophony - Tell me

[MV] Kang Taegu - Flow

Chord progression reminds me of that Landon Pigg song... Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop or whatever it was called.

[MV] Dason (Joy o'clock) - The Day

Saturday, October 5, 2019

[DEBUT] SuperM - Jopping

I have such mixed feelings about SuperM. The whole thing epitomizes everything about SM Ent. in one package, which I guess is good branding. Since SM has never been interested in building a grassroots fanbase from the ground up--even actively works against that--they are continuing to take the same shortcuts over and over again to push overseas. We won't put work into making easily accessible content to global fans, but we'll throw some of our most talented performers into one group to tap into their already-existing fanbases (ignoring the fact that we're making them angry for taking the guys away from activity in their own groups), over-produce the hell out of an MV, rendering it cheesy, and give them a song that is completely derivative of all the boy group songs we've released in the last five years.

There's nothing wrong with anything here. It's just so SM to do this.
It feels like such a calculated ploy and the over-the-top spectacle leaves me feeling cold.
They would have been better off going real simple with the MV with raw, steady, shots of these guys dancing. That's where the magic would be. Instead it's buried under CG and... vehicles.

[MV] TXT - The Dream Chapter: MAGIC

Love that TXT is doing super-elaborate trailers that are basically full MVs, just like BTS. This is totally mesmerizing. Highly recommend watching the whole thing.

[MV] Super Junior - I Think

[MV] Limesoda - WAVE

[MV] Rich Brian & Chung Ha - THESE NIGHTS

An 88rising collab! All English.

[MV] Jeong Sewoon - When it rains

[MV] ARGON - Give me dat

[MV] ZICO - Extreme

[MV] HaMinWoo (feat. Lee Youngji) - Let Me Love U

[MV] Jang Woo Hyuk - WEEKAND

[MV] Vince (feat. Okasian) - MENNAL