Monday, November 24, 2014

[MV] SALTNPAPER - Moja (Hat)

[MV] Park Hyo Shin - Happy Together

[MV] Lucia - Melt Me

[MV] Baek Ji Young, Na Won Ju - Whenever it Rains

[MV] Loco (feat. Jay Park) - Thinking About You


[MV] G.Tiger - Father from Behind

Super low budget, but I love when artists feature in MVs.

[MV] Zest - All My Official

[MV] Kim Dong Ryul (feat. Lee Sang Soon) - Those Days

[MV] Lim Chang Jung (feat. LE and Dr. Lee - Shall We Dance

More hilarity with almost every cameo imaginable.

[MV] Arboh (ABO) - Pheremone

[MV] ANDS - Oppa, where are you?

[MV] T-ARA & Chopsticks Brothers - Little Apple

Ummm... explosive nosebleeds?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

[MV] Ulala Session - Best Girl

[MV] 10cm - Missing You

[MV] Nicole - MAMA

Good to see Nicole back to work after leaving KARA!

[MV] HI SUHYUN (feat. Bobby) - I'm Different

Love this track. I'm glad an MV was made for it.
They sound fantastic together.

[DEBUT] Pritz - Sorasora

Pretty clearly the Korean version of Babymetal.
I'd be super down for this, but the Nazi-esque armbands ruin it for me.

[MV] Nu.D - Insane

[MV] QUEEN B'Z - Bbi Bbi

[MV] Toy (feat. Sung Si Kyung) - Three People

[MV] Asteroid186 - 10:40

Thursday, November 13, 2014

[MV] Kyuhyun - At Gwanghwamun

Another MV shot like a wonky Wes Anderson film.
Glad to see Kyuhyun with a solo. Very deserving after all these years.

[MV] Freestyle (feat. Skull) - One Way

[MV] T.L Crow - Zombie Killer

Interesting genre fusion.

[MV] Maboos (feat. Swings) - Audacious

Warning: Lots of women gyrating while not wearing very much.

[MV] 10cm - Caress

This has to be the gentlest, most subdued song about sexy times. Kinda cute.

[MV] Ju Yoon Ha - Saying Goodbye To You

[DEBUT] Damiano (feat. Mina) - Skyfall

[MV] Natthew (feat. Son Ho Young) - Love Will Be OK



Thursday, November 6, 2014

[MV] Urban Zakapa - Self Hatred

[MV] ZICO (feat. Don Mills) - Tough Cookie

Oh boy. I'm sitting here wondering if I even want to post this.
I suppose I will.
WARNING: If you could put every single possible trope from every American 'gangster' rap video into a single music video by a Korean dude. This is it. It would be comical if we didn't know Zico is completely serious about adopting this image. So, there is a whole lot of cussing, middle fingers, grills, 'bling' faceless women shaking their asses, guys riding around on bikes with ski-masks, confederate flags, gambling, very obvious and offensive slurs, and... much more.

I understand that this kind of image is often literally only a 'concept' to a native Korean, no different from 'cute' or 'sexy' or 'steampunk'. It's just a costume to try on. But the lack of cultural understanding for what any of this means and what is being appropriated... well, problems arise.

In this case, Zico is trying to gain credibility and wants to be taken seriously as something like an underground hip-hop artist, by pure mimicry: gestures, clothing, posturing, language, accessories, and locations. It comes across as naive and disingenuous.

To me, it makes him look like a fool. But that's just me. You be the judge.

[MV] Cho Eun - Love, such a coward thing

[MV] HELLO VENUS - StickySticky

I can't help but think the choreography during the chorus is an interpretive dance of being overwhelmed by intestinal discomfort.

[MV] HanHae, Kanto, Champagne&Candle - High