Thursday, January 28, 2021

[MV] IU - Celebrity

IU with a straight up EDM track! And dancing again!
Really enjoyed this even if I prefer other styles from her. Kinda refreshing in the context of her work. Lovely lyrics as well.

[MV] HyunA - I'm Not Cool

Not my thing, but it's very HyunA. She'll probably perform the hell out of it.
Camera director needed to chill on the shaking.

[MV] Dreamcatcher - Odd Eye

Rapid cuts with flashing light effects

As always with Dreamcatcher, even the stuff I like less is still really really good. I like this more than BOCA though.
I wish the MV was less busy. Lots of beautiful eye-candy, but the edits are a little too frenetic to fully enjoy it. But they do look amazing.


The effects in this video are wiiiild.

[MV] Golden Child - Burn It

 Zombies doing zombie things. :D

[MV] U-KNOW - Eeny Meeny

Red Velvet's Seulgi featured in the MV.

[MV] KYUHYUN - Moving On

[MV] MINSEO - Who's with me?

[MV] KAYLA - Promise

[MV] Colde - Lighter

[MV] Colde - The Museum

[MV] NILD (feat. Marin) - Neon Sign

Nice chill city pop.

[MV] JUNGGIGO - Gravity

[MV] Yozoh - Quince Tree

Sunday, January 24, 2021

[MV] Cherry Bullet - Love So Sweet

Ooo, good stuff from these ladies to kick off the year. Love that chorus.

[MV] PinkFantasy - Lemon Candy

[MV] ONEUS - No diggity

[MV] CRAVITY - My Turn


[MV] Berry Good - Time for me

[MV] SATURDAY - Only You

[MV] YEJI KIM - Scared

Nice sound!

[MV] HAERI - Congratulations

[MV] HYNN - With and Without You

[MV] susoo - Heaven

[MV] Good Night, Patrasche - Routine

[MV] Yang Da Il - Hurt

[MV] NONE (feat. Yenjamin) - MANITO

[MV] Hoppipolla - Your Ocean

Nice cello in there.

[MV] Kith - Needy

Monday, January 18, 2021

[MV] EPIK HIGH (feat. ZICO, CL) - Rosario

Iconic former YG Ent. team-up with CL! Always a treat when Epik High is back with a new album.

[MV] EPIK HIGH (feat. Heize) - Base On A True Story


[MV] U-KNOW - Thank U

Warning: Bloody violence, stabbing, guns, etc. Oldboy-lite.

These kinds of generic violent gangster plots annoy me. Lol.
And this one is a whole lot of MV for not much of a song. Some nice cinematography and guest actors, but... meh.

[MV] Stray Kids (I.N Feat. Bang Chan, Changbin) - Maknae On Top

[MV] KANGTA - Cough Syrup

[SPECIAL MV] BTS TinyTan - Dream ON (00:00 Zero O'Clock)

TinyTan is the chibi animated version of BTS. The song is 00:00 from MOTS:7.
Feels silly to get emotional to something that was so intentionally crafted to tug on heartstrings like this, but dude, I cried. Raw nerves after the last couple of weeks... and year.

[MV] BUMKEY (feat. NONE) - Letter To Heaven

[MV] Susan - Shattered

[MV] Susan - Eros

[MV] Eian - It's Snowing

[MV] inverness (feat. Anthony Russo & KANG DANIEL) - State of Wonder

[MV] E the - Song for you

Thursday, January 14, 2021


[MV] AleXa - Never let you go

Nice to hear a pretty little ballad from AleXa. Real different from the usual style.

[MV] VICTON - What I Said

[MV] E'LAST - Dangerous

[MV] YOUHA - Abittipsy

Really enjoying YOUHA! Check her out if you like SUNMI or Lim Kim's older stuff.


Quite like this. Kinda has a Shawn Mendes vibe.

[MV] Brand New Music - PLAYLIST

Includes: Kim Donghyun, Lee Daehwi (AB6IX), Hong Seongjun, Yoon Jeonghwa (BDC), Lee Eunsang, Kanto, and GREE.

Apparently this has the Korean Culture Ministry and other agencies involved. The intention is to promote healthy/legal streaming practices. Interesting!


[MV] HAERI (feat. Hanhae) - POP SONG

[MV] Dvwn - Free Flight

[MV] bobae - onoff

[MV] LIMHARA (feat. Cyruson) - Maskerade

[MV] J.cob, Goldskin - BLOCK

[MV] N.O.M - I can't wait

Monday, January 11, 2021


More lowkey for them. Similar vibes to HANN. Gorgeous MV.


This is pretty fun. Impressed by the editing in the MV.

[MV] ONEUS - Devil is in the detail

Flashing lights at various points.

[MV] Hayeon - Walk Away

Taeyeon's sister back with more. Strange instrumental.



[SPECIAL MV] ENHYPEN - Outro : Cross the Line

Probably fits somewhere in the 'ENHYPEN Universe'. Not really a full MV/song.
The last 15 seconds made me genuinely uncomfortable. Ha! Creepy sound.

[MV] 40 - Have a good night

[MV] Lofibaby - Body Painting

[OST] TXT - FORCE (Jpn.)

'World Trigger' opening theme.

[OST] SONNET - Moon Shadow

From the Elsword OST. Not sure about the name. Google thinks it's 'Moon Shadow'.

[OST] Sujeong - Color Rush

From the Color Rush OST.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

[MV] MCND - Crush

We're having an AMA with MCND on r/kpop. January12th (10pm KST).


[MV] BOYHOOD - Luxury Big House

[MV] zemean - Puzzle

[MV] Lofibaby - Decalcomanie & Croquis

[MV] SEONGRI - One Shot

[MV] JANG DEOK CHEOL - fall asleep

[MV] Wooks (feat. Crucial Star) - JUST

Wednesday, January 6, 2021


[MV] BAEKHYUN - Get You Alone (Jpn.)


[MV] HEYDAY - A Light Of A Dream

[MV] I.C.E - Oh my god

[MV] woo!ah! - I Don't Miss U

Cute. Nice fun sound.

[MV] Min Kyunghoon & Heechul (feat. BIBI, ATEEZ) - Hanryang

Missed this one at the end of the year. Came out of this Knowing Brothers offshoot show. Track produced by DinDin with Shindong as MV director.

[MV] Coogie (feat. GRAY) - POW

[MV] Woody - Just stay at home

[MV] SWJA - in the bed

[MV] LeeZe - We don't love anymore

[MV] LIM JISOO - Monologue

[MV] Seo Gi - Go Back

[MV] Park Pil Kyu

[MV] WILLOW - Let's Just Sing

[MV] IM SE JUN - The love we had

[MV] Jambino - Going Back

Friday, January 1, 2021

[MV] RAIN (duet with JYP) - Switch to me

Lol. The end........... XD


[DEBUT] Rolling Quartz - Blaze

Nice to see a new all-women band! Sounds good.

[MV] DALsooobin - Eyes like snow

[MV] Yang Da Il - Sometimes

[MV] KQ Entertainment - Call Me Anytime

Artists: EDEN, ATEEZ, Maddox, Eden-ary

[MV] DONGKIZ - It's All Right

[MV] ASTRO - We Still (Be With U)

[Live MV] Sera Ryu - Lean On Me

[MV] Yoon Jong Shin - Destiny


[MV] Sýn Hjang - Sugar Glider

This is very sweet.

[MV] Yerin Baek - You're so lonely now, so you need me back by your side again (Eng.)