Thursday, December 28, 2017

[MV] LOOΠΔ / Chuu - Heart Attack

Give me those Magritte apples all day every day!!!
Different feel from the recent ones. Very theatrical. The b-side is still in that R&B range though. More towards house.
Chuu is the 10th LOONA girl to be introduced. Getting very close to 12 now!

I'm going to quote this from the description, because I'm living for this narrative they're crafting:
The new single lets the fans take a peek into what JiWoo, who has already been a popular trainee among fans, had to go through to become ‘Chuu’, and her desire to be loved by Yves, who also has said in her lyrics, “my heart that wants to be like you gets colored, filled with you.” 
The titled track “Heart Attack” does not interpret the feelings of being in love in a serious way, but with Chuu’s own adorable emoticon-like ways. The music video has references to historical and fictional figures such as the artist Rene Magritte, Hans Christian Andersen’s short story “The Little Match Girl”, and John Appleby’s novel “Aphrodite Means Death”... 
... When four girls who denied the garden of Eden gathers, the party begins.
My kind of party.

[MV] Younha - Parade

AAAHHHH. Might have one of those last minute additions to my top 30 list for the year. I love this! It's so happy! Groovyroom has produced so many tracks I've adored this year.

[MV] Sunwoo Jung A (feat. IU) - C A T

Official channel link


Have to post this. So cool.
NU'EST W and Seventeen did a collaboration stage at the MAMAs this year, but as is typical of such award shows, the camerawork was less than optimal for seeing the actual performance. Here we get to see the full choreography in all its glory. Live sound complete with foot stomps. I love me some foot stomps. The song was made specifically for the collab. Fun having a total of seventeen guys for it.

[MV] Giriboy (feat. George) - The Graduate

Official channel link

[MV] Eric Nam - Hold Me

[MV] Yoon Jong Shin, Jung In - The Coldness

Well, that was depressing.
Jong Shin's December release.
Nice seeing Bae Doona in a music video!

Friday, December 22, 2017

[MV] TWICE - Merry & Happy

[MV] Crush - Be By My Side

Talking at the beginning. Song starts at 1:12.

[MV] Eddy Kim - POOM

[MV] Giriboy (feat. Kim Seung Min) - Whyyoumad

[MV] MAJOR9 artists - Goodbye Santa Claus

Collaboration of MAJOR9 artists including: VIBE, 4MEN, Ben, Kim DongJun, Francis, and YO$AP.

[DEBUT] Kim Young Geun - Under Wall Road

[MV] Kim YongJin (with ARKAY) - Alt+F4

[MV] KONSOLE - Always

Thursday, December 21, 2017

[MV] CHEEZE - See You Again

[MV] 2LSON (feat. Hannah Jang) - Mona Lisa

Nice voice.
Got an excellent dancer for the MV, too.

[MV] MoonMoon - Fish

[MV] wetter - You n Me Us

[MV] Kyungri X Jeong Jinwoon - White Christmas

[MV] Roh Ji Hoon - No Worries

Missed this guy. I like his voice. Still not sure why he is called 'Roh' and 'Noh'. The Hangul is Noh, but when he was with Cube, they always called him Roh. Anyway, the full song can be heard here:

[MV] HIZY - Self-Portrait

[MV] ABRY - Lonely Christmas


NSFW kinda...

Laysha is one of those erotic performance groups.
They have relatively decent production quality compared to other groups like them.

[MV] WeAreYoung - Thanks

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

[ADMIN] SHINee's Jonghyun, our Jjong...

Couldn't bear thinking about this post, but I think I'll do it now while it's still raw... for my own process. I will not be posting music videos for a few days. I'll try to catch up at the end of the week and weekend. Thank you for your patience.

Kim Jonghyun of SHINee has passed away.

In the full post there is SM's official statement, some links, and my personal response to what has happened. Everything is after the jump-cut so it can easily be skipped for anyone having too difficult a time with all this. Please do not read further if frank discussion of this event would overwhelm you.

To Shawols, I love you.
To the greater Kpop community, hold each other tight.
Provide all the support you can and embrace support yourself if you need it.
To Jonghyun, thank you for sharing your voice and your music.
You've worked so hard.

Saturday, December 16, 2017


Station2 #36

Bit a wild mash-up of Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, and some original stuff.

[MV] LEESUN (feat. eastmerlin) - I love YA

[MV] XIA Junsu X Lim Chang Jung - We were...

Official channel link

My boy, Junsu! He's still in military service.
Don't often hear a full-out ballad by two big male voices anymore.

[MV] Brand New Music collaboration - Baby Can I

Official channel link

Bumkey, Chancellor, Sanchez, Taewan, Yang Da Il, and MXM.

[MV] Woodie Gochild (feat. Jay Park, Dok2) - Let's Get It

Dok2's part is only in the full audio track.

[MV] LONG:D (feat. Kim Doyeon) - All night

Cool song. Nice atmosphere.

[MV] Lee Juck - Compass

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

[MV] Uhm Jung Hwa - Ending Credit

Uhm Jung Hwa feeling her 80s Flashdance, Paula Abdul, Madonna, 'I have the sudden urge to go watch The Breakfast Club and Dirty Dancing' fantasy... and I'm living for it.

[MV] Taeyeon - This Christmas

[MV] SAAY (feat. Crush) - SWEATY

Ooo! Sexy song.
Missed her official debut a few months ago, but it's in English. Apparently super-sexy sounding songs are her thing. I love her voice. I'll put her debut, 'Circle' in the full post.

[MV] LOOΠΔ / ViVi, Choerry, Yves - The Carol 2.0

From the description, this sub-unit is called 'ViRryVes', but I don't know if that's just a temporary thing for this Christmas release or if there will be more...

[MV] DPR LIVE - Text Me

[MV] Car, the Garden (feat. Ohhyuk) - Island

[MV] Dear, My Fool

Saturday, December 9, 2017

[MV] TAEMIN - Day and Night

[MV] Heechul, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Solar - Charm of Life

Station2 #35

Entirely parody.

[MV] Starship Planet - Christmas Day

Official channel link

K.Will, Soyou, Boyfriend, Cosmic Girls, Mad Clown, Junggigo, Yoo Seung Woo, Brother Su, Monsta X, Duetto, Jeong Sewoon, Lee Kwanghyun, Mind U... so many people aaahhh! Not sure if I got everyone.

[MV] Yangpa - Trembling

[MV] Jang MoonBok, Seong HyunWoo - Don't Be Scared

These guys were on Produce101.

[MV] Kim Youngchul X JeA - An Ordinary Christmas

Official channel link

Lol. Youngchul is too much.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

[MV] DPR LIVE - Martini Blue

Carrying through those gorgeous landscape shots from Jasmine.

[MV] KARD - Trust Me

Official channel link

[MV] GOT7 - Teenager


New Cre.ker Ent. group. 12 members. A bunch of them have appeared in other MVs or on TV shows like Produce101 and Kpop Star 6. They also had a reality show leading up to debut called 'Flower Snack'.
Nice MV. The choreo performance shots are cool, albeit slightly disorienting.

Performance version:

[MV] Sohee, Kim Sang Gyun - Childlike

Official channel link

Hunus Entertainment's Holiday collab.

[MV] Cardean - Insomnia

Funky. I think this is a new band?

[MV] Mighty Mouth - Instagram

NSFW: Instagram models, pole-dancing, bikini babes, etc...

Not unusual for Mighty Mouth to do something goofy, but their leads are usually so catchy you can't get them out of your head. This is not one of those catchy leads.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

[MV] DAY6 - I Like You

[MV] Jaurim - XOXO

[MV] HyunA - Lip & Hip

Official channel link

[MV] Zion.T (feat. Lee Moonsae) - SNOW

[MV] Han Dong Geun - Undoable

Official channel link

[MV] SUMIN - MIrrorball

[MV] KISSES - ... (Dead-End)

[MV] Pretty Brown - Away

[MV] Jung Key - First Love & Only You

First Love (feat. Yuju of GFRIEND):

Only You (feat. Yoo Sung Eun):

[MV] FR:EDEN (feat. Dopein) - Twilight

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

[MV] Jackson Wang - OKAY

[MV] 1NB - Where U at

WARNING: NSFW heavy petting, bloody violence, gore, and implied cannibalism?!

Wasn't sure these ladies would actually get their follow-up after Stalker came out in February. Still creepy af!

[MV] jeebanoff (feat. Changmo) - Timid

[MV] JUSTHIS & Paloalto (feat. CIFIKA) - Brown Eyes View

[MV] John Park - SMILE

[MV] NAUL - Emptiness in Memory


[MV] KODI GREEN, MacAilley (feat. Belle, kuki) - View

[DEBUT] Cherry B - Her

IU is credited as the lyricist.

Monday, November 27, 2017

[MV] LOOΠΔ / Yves - new

New LOONA lady!
From the Hangul, Yves basically sounds like Eve and if you read into the description you can see the Eve/Eden/apples theme is intentional. I didn't know what the heck to think of this project when it got started, but they're doing a pretty great job so far keeping the hype up.
Yves is the 9th of 12!

Choreography version:

[MV] JUN.K - A Moving Day

[MV] MAP6 - Love is Gone

Official channel link

This song sounds like AOA's Mini-skirt and Infinite's discography had a baby.


[DEBUT] Busters - Dream On & Lalala

Dream On:


These actually have some decent production for nugus. Lalala has like... marimba or synth marimba, which is interesting?!
Their name is the exact same Hangul as the rock group BURSTERS, which is unhelpful. Lol.


This is the 'Black' version. There's a 'White' version as well. I'll embed it in the full post.

[MV] Huh Gak - Only You

Official channel link

[DEBUT] Hey Men - Jelly

Friday, November 24, 2017

[REMIX] BTS & Steve Aoki - MIC Drop

Photosensitivity warning for flashy light from 1:43 to 2:15.

#1 trending on Youtube as I post this. #1 on iTunes in the US and 50+ countries...
There are four versions of this song:

  • The original on their album. (live performance)
  • This version, remixed by Steve Aoki, with more English lyrics.
  • This same track plus a feature with Desiigner is playing on US radio. (link)
  • And finally a Japanese version. (short PV)
The timing of this post-AMAs debut, on Black Friday, is pretty ideal. More records are being broken already. BTS is absolutely killing it right now. KILLING. IT. Glad to have the energy of this choreography immortalized in official MV form. Jimin and J-Hope are  insane... jfc.


Official channel link


Official channel link

[MV] D.ear X Jaehyun (NCT) - Try Again

Station2 #33

[MV] HONEYST - Someone to Love

Official channel link

[MV] Dok2 - CRAZY

[MV] Rhythm Power (feat. Crush) - Dongseong-ro

[DEBUT] I'll - I Don't Want U Back

Gotta get some better artist names up in here.
Nice atmospheric sound.

[DEBUT] JUNKY GREY - Grey Desert

I think these guys are new. Just the duo. A K-rock group styled after visual-kei J-rock.
Very reminiscent of HYDE or L'arc-en-ciel.


[MV] Yoo Seung Woo - Anymore

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

[MV] KARD - You In Me

Official channel link

I was fascinated seeing romantic relationships played up in a co-ed group, because that seems like a risk... AND THEN IT TOOK A TURN. WTF. I don't even know how to feel about this! Lmao.

[MV] Wanna One - Beautiful

Edit: Bumping this again because the performance version was just released and it's so pretty it's worthy of a boost.

This crazy convoluted Kdrama plot... lmao. Use that Produce 101 budget!
The song is nice. Korea will love it. Well-timed feeling for the season.

Monday, November 20, 2017

[MV] Epik High (feat. Jongwan of NELL) - LOST ONE

Tablo said he subtitled this himself.
The video is tied in to a movie called 'Forgotten', due out soon.

[PROMO/CF] Zion.T - Nu Day

Quite a few nice CF songs this year. This one is for Volkswagen (obviously!).

[MV] Basick - STARTER

[MV] Kassy - Listen to this song

[MV] JUN - When I Call

This guy is/was a part of BgA (as Jeungri) with NigaHiga/Wong Fu Productions. But he does lots of Kpop covers in violin as a youtuber and has his own music.

[MV] Phonebooth - Leave Myself

[MV] BANHANA - Someday

[MV] Ga Eun - Falling in love

[MV] Monday Kiz, Kim Bo Kyung - White Dress

Sunday, November 19, 2017

[MEDIA] BTS at the American Music Awards

BTS will be performing on the American Music Awards tonight. I'll probably be compelled to make a long post about it after everything is over and I've had time to process it. You can find resources and streaming links over on reddit if you'd like to watch live. I'M NOT COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT--YOU ARE!!!


Edit: The lighting was dark, the camerawork was bad, half the performance was shots of the audience losing their minds (which was kinda fun), the fanchants were muted, and the mics sounded weak on the broadcast.

But then ARMYs come through with a bunch of fancams where you can actually see them, watch the full choreography, hear the EXTREMELY LOUD fanchants, and can really tell they had live mics (Jungkook's "Let's go! Let's go!" at the end). Not sure if this particular cam will stay up, but here's one:

I, for one, am completely thrilled.
Their [VLIVE] after the show is also all kinds of delightful.

Friday, November 17, 2017

[MV] Red Velvet - Peek-A-Boo

Never mind the kids and the wife... hide yo pizza delivery boy!

The mix sounds really flat/quiet on this MV to me, but I'm not finding a better alternative. MelOn might be the best.
Anyway, I really like this! Just finished listening to the full album It's what I was hoping to hear for their first 'Velvet' album, but it ended up being too ballad-heavy. This album is more in the vein of quirky R&B I wanted. The 2nd track 'Look' is my favorite, which is very funky 80s R&B.
My jam.

[MV] Samuel - Candy

[MV] SNUPER - Dear

[DEBUT] YUSEOL - Ocean View

Nice debut.

[MV] ALi - No Way

[MV] Soyou, Sung Si Kyung - Still

[MV] George - Boat

You think it's going to be a joke.
And then it turns out really nice.
Still funny though.

[MV] LambC - Lady

Drum. Cat.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

[MV] Lovelyz - Twinkle

[MV] Fly to the Sky - Your Season

Official channel link

[MV] Guckkasten - Stranger

New Guckkasten makes me a happy lady!

[MV] DIA (solo artist) - Fly Girl


Official channel link

[MV] Yoon Jong Shin (with Minseo) - Yes

[MV] Koh Na Young - Clumsy

NSFW: Restrained/abused(?) woman being man-handled.
The context might be that it's all acting/fake, but it was still disturbing to watch for me personally.
So, fair warning.

[MV] Collective Arts, Minsu - Chum


[MV] Kim Dong Wan - AFTERIMAGE

Slightly disturbing imagery and a little blood. Nothing very graphic.

Monday, November 13, 2017

[MV] Swings (feat. Jay Park, Crush) - Clock Out

Pleasant beat. Kinda wish the whole track was just Crush. :P

[MV] divin' - Deep In

Always nice to come across an obscure artist/song with zero expectations and end up loving it.

[MV] Baek Ji Young - DESTINY

[MV] NewChamp - Training Zombie

Featuring artists: Sleepy, Zol P, Chillin Ovatime, Feless, Woodie GoChild, and Luda.

[MV] Marychou - LOVE KING

[MV] LAZYBONE - Tinkerbell

This gave me the giggles.
Also just a fun little punk/rock jam.

[MV] JooHee - Goodbye Now

Friday, November 10, 2017

[MV] SURAN (feat. Crush) - Love Story

[MV] TAEMIN - Thirsty

The inconsistent lighting and camera movement makes this really disorienting.

Station2 #31

[MV] VICTON - Remember Me

[MV] Gugudan - Chococo

Beware if creepy dolls freak you out (ahhh lol).

If Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was even more of a fever dream...

[DEBUT] Rothy - Stars

Beautiful voice!

[MV] Choi Gogi (feat. Chikko, Mackoy) - Second Way

[MV] Urban Zakapa - When we were two

[MV] G.URBAN - Just Friend

[MV] Kim Sohee (feat. Yezi) - SobokSobok

Friday, November 3, 2017

[MV] Eddy Kim - Bet On Me

Official channel link

[MV] MINAH - 11°

Official channel link

[MV] ASTRO - Crazy Sexy Cool

[MV] VAV - She's Mine

[MV] Nieah - Baby I

[MV] Stella Jang (feat. Olltii) - Cheerleader

Official channel link

[MV] The Rose - Like We Used To


Devine Channel started their own label in collaboration with Sony.
SOLE is their first artist to debut.

[MV] SOMA - In My Phone

[DEBUT] Hyeongseop X Euiwoong - It Will Be Good

More of the Produce101 season 2 contestants debuting.

[MV] Crucial Star (feat. Brother Su) - send me

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

[MV/MEDIA] THE UNI+ (music videos)

My Turn (all participants):

KBS's The UNIT is one of the newest idol survival shows. This one is dedicated to giving 'failed' idols another chance or giving newly debuted groups an opportunity to get some media attention. Three introductory MVs are out now, which I believe are from challenges in the early episodes, but I've barely started watching!

I'll put the other two in the full post. There's one for all the gentlemen competing and one for all the ladies competing.

[MV] LOOΠΔ ODD EYE CIRCLE - Sweet Crazy Love

Nice groove.

[MV] Super Junior - One More Chance

Only Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Siwon.

[MV] BeatBurger - MONSTER

BeatBurger's MVs are always nuts.
That was a creepy adventure.

[MV] VOISPER - Save As

Official channel link

[MV] JUNIEL - I Drink Alone

[DEBUT] WH3N - Something that You Left

Saturday, October 28, 2017

[MV] PLAYBACK - Want You To Say

Official channel link

[MV] EPIK HIGH (feat. IU) - Love Story

[MV] Samuel Seo - Off You

[LIVE/COVER] Kangta X Wendy X Seulgi - Doll

Station2 #29
Original sung by a couple of the Shinhwa guys (2001).

[MV] Eunha (GFRIEND), Chunji (TEEN TOP) - Hold Your Hand


[MV] ALi, Paul Kim - For less than a month

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

[MV] JIMIN (AOA) - Hallelujah

I think we'll be hearing a lot of Despacito-esque guitar for the rest of the year.
This MV is also uploaded to 1theK and FNC's official channel, but the audio quality is bad on both of them. WKorea appears to be the proper source. Much better sound.

[1theK upload]
[FNC upload]

[DEBUT] IN2IT - Amazing

The final 8-member team from BOYS24.

[MV] Lalasweet - A Night in Seoul

[OST] NiiHwa - What I Want

I don't always post OSTs, but when I do it's a chill percussive track from NiiHwa.
From the Mad Dog soundtrack.


[MV] Louie, Soyou - Monitor Girl

Warning: Gunshot to the head right at the start.

Never fails to baffle me that knives are blurred out, but straight headshots are fine.
Anyway, dunno what kind of Looper madness is going on here... or why it's only half a song.
If you want to hear the whole thing: [unofficial audio link]

[MV] Young Cream (feat. Blino) - BANANA

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


A little snippet of LOVE STORY at the end, which features IU.
Going to listen through this album as soon as I'm done posting.
New Epik High is always a joy!


Interesting track for Loona.
Kind of a streaming consciousness English thing going on there.

[MV] KillaGramz (feat. Hash Swan) - Coloring

[MV] Lim Chang Jung - Do You Know That Person

[MV] Wheesung/Realslow (feat. Hash Swan) - Aroma

Wheesung started his own label. His new stage name and label name are both Realslow.
Bit of an odd choice so far into his career.

[MV] DMEANOR - Do Nothing

[MV] HEYNE, Minsoo - LOVE is Blind

[MV] Danny Gold & FNRL - Hand In Hand

[MV] 4MEN - Break Up In The Morning

Official channel link

Some MVs are so packed with every Kdrama cliche that I can't take them seriously.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

[DEBUT] JBJ - Fantasy

These guys participated in Produce 101. All from different agencies. They're like a second Wanna One in that way. They were very popular on the show, but just missed out on the top 11, so there was a big/positive public response to the idea of putting them together in their own group. The contract for JBJ is set for 7 months, but extension is possible if they do well.

[MV] A.C.E - Callin

Photo-sensitivity warning for lots of flashing/strobing light.

[MV] The Barberettes - Fall Is Coming

[COVER] SOLAR - Alone People & Autumn Letter

Alone People (orig. Lee Jeong Seon):

Autumn Letter (orig. Kim Min Ki):

[MV] pH-1 (feat. Jay Park) - Donut

[MV] O.WHEN - Fall In Love

[MV] Jubi (Sunny Hill) - Autumn Rain

[MV] ALEPH - No One Told Me Why

[MV] MOONSHINE X Dash - Feel Feel

Monday, October 16, 2017


Taemin will always be the spritely 14 year old kid he was at debut to me. Been quite the privilege to see that kid develop into the performer he is now. Extraordinary. Especially cool to see him push some concepts that I wouldn't typically see SM being comfortable with. Good for him.

There's also performance versions. One is focused on Taemin and includes the backup dancers. I'll put it in the full post. The other has just Taemin and Koharu performing. It's on [VLIVE].

[MV] HIGHLIGHT - Can Be Better

Official channel link

[MV] BTOB - Missing You

Official channel link

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Just the vocal unit: Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK, Seungkwan

[MV] Doyoung X Sejeong - Star Blossom

Station2 #27

NCT's Doyoung and Gugudan/IOI's Sejeong.

[MV] GOT7 - You Are

Lyric video version

[DEBUT] Stray Kids - Hellevator

These kids are going to be JYP's new boy group. This isn't technically their debut. There will be some kind of survival audition show starting on the 17th, but I don't know if that means some will be cut before the end, or if it's just a getting-to-know-them through challenges. kind of thing.

[MV] VARSITY - Can you come out now?

[PROMO/CF] Block B - My Zone

Commercial for the LG V30.

[MV] JYP (feat. Heize) - Regrets

[MV] Pungdeng-E - Stay

[MV] Jung Dong Ha - Your Season

[MV] Jane Jang - velvet

[MV] Monday Kiz - When Autumn Comes

[MV] Yoo Seung Woo - Tonight

[MV] Parc Jae Jung - The Villain

Thursday, October 12, 2017

[ADMIN] A smoke-laden update

FYI, I'm in Northern California. KPOPPY is named thusly for our lovely California poppies around here. Since the middle of the night on Sunday, I have been in the eye of a firestorm that has massively destroyed significant areas of the place I've called home for 31 years. I am insanely lucky to still have my house. Many of my friends had only minutes warning to flee their homes before they burned down behind them. I was without power/internet for a while and shifting around to safe areas.

I'm one of the fortunate few to be safely in my home again, but the region is still burning and things could change at a moment's notice. Doing a big update while I can right now (grateful for something 'normal' to do), but I can't guarantee I'll be as on top of things for another week or two. Glad to still be with you.

[MV] SF9 - O Sole Mio

Official channel link

[MV] UP10TION - Going Crazy

Official channel link

[DEBUT] RAINZ - Juliette

Another unit/group formed from PRODUCE 101 season 2 contestants. Companies represented: C2K Ent., 2ABLE Co., 2Y Ent., OUI Ent., GON Ent., K-TIGERS Ent., and WH Creative.

[MV] HA:TFELT (feat. PUNCHNELLO) - Read Me

[MV] HA:TFELT (feat. Gaeko) - I Wander

This is really nice, but I've had enough of burning buildings and sirens this week.
The start had me grimacing.

[MV] Wooyoung (2PM) - Still Here