Monday, June 29, 2020

[MV] SUNMI - pporappippam

[MV] Hwasa - Maria


[MV] Stray Kids - Blueprint

[MV] TXT - Eternally

Photosensitivity warning. There is flashing/strobing light throughout various points.

Suuuuper long thing. Very much like BTS's short films for Wings or other long narrative videos. Just has clips of their recent tracks tied in for the different scenes. Pretty interesting. I'm not keeping up with their storyline stuff, but the visuals are well done.


The little swinging thing in the choreo is cute.
Down to 5 members after Youngmin was caught driving drunk.

[MV] WOODZ - Love Me Harder


[MV] Bizzy - everything is everything


Not really sure of the context of this, but apparently it's associated with 'Hangout With Yoo/How Do You Play', which is a reality show on MBC.

[MV] Neul - 3-OUT

[MV] Meli - Blue

[CF] Advanced, VANDI (feat. HAEE) - Malibu Summer

CF for Malibu Rum Korea.

[MV] Peterpan Complex - Lake

[MV] PULLIK (feat. Mckdaddy, lilBOI, Ja Mezz) - I BE LIKE

[MV] Lee Seung Yoon - SHUT UP & SQUAT

Official channel link


Friday, June 26, 2020

[MV] BLACKPINK - How You Like That

Kinda shocked actually. I expected this to be a banger with their usual formula, but... it feels kinda awkward to me. It's definitely the formula, but they obviously tried a different soundscape and it's not working for me.

The MV is flashy af, as expected... but it's also like tooooo much. No cohesion.
It's a pre-release though, so maybe the lead will turn it around.

[MV] BTS - Stay Gold (Jpn.)

Was kinda surprised how clean the vocal production is on this since their recent Japanese releases have really pushed the high notes and had a super-compressed tuned sound. It's a little noticeable in the chorus here, but I don't even mind it.

Love the MV. A mirror of the current moment the world is in, I suppose. The ending flowery location reminded me of the movie 'What Dreams May Come', which I adore.



[MV] 20 years of age - 7942

[MV] NADA - My Body

[MV] Asian Chairshot - Rocket

[MV] 015B, Rolling Quartz - Random

[MV] Flohwa - Fruits

[MV] Jung Seunghwan - Walking along the moon

[MV] BUDY - Stray Cat

[MV] cott (feat. onthedal) - VELVET

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

[MV] SEVENTEEN - Left & Right

Super fun video,

[OST] Heize - You're Cold

It's Okay to Not Be Okay OST

[MV] Golden Child - ONE (Lucid Dream)

[REMAKE] Luna - Say So

Considerable amount of well-toned ass cheek in this, so NSFW-ish. Lol.

Korean remake of Doja Cat's 'Say So'.
Good to see Luna feeling her oats.

[MV] A.C.E - Stand by you


The MV was taken down to edit some problematic elements. Will update when a new version is available.

Edit: Updated!

[MV] VOISPER - The Day

[MV] THAMA (feat. George) - Do It For Love

Love this. A couple of faves collabing is a good time.

[MV] ZHOUMI (with Ryeowook) - Starry Night

[MV] Maddox - Sleep

[MV] Lee Juck - Things We Took For Granted

[MV] Dawon - Midnight Blue

[MV] O.WHEN - Can't Hold You


[MV] Cha Ga Eul - if you drink..

[MV] Lim Young Woong - Trust in Me

Cho Youngsoo on piano.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

[PROMO] IU - Into the I-LAND

Promo song for a new Mnet 'observational reality' show to form a group. It's a joint Big Hit/CJE&M project.

[MV] Bandage - Coloring The Life

[MV] Sandy - Love Me More

[MV] Kim Na Young - Not Anyone Else

Song starts at 2:28

[MV] GIRYEON - Our Home

[MV] Zagmachi - Choked Up

[MV] Jung Hyung Suk - White Butterfly

[MV] Wedance - Ciity Punk

[MV] BLOO - Downtown Baby

Thursday, June 18, 2020

[MV] Stray Kids - God's Menu

[MV] Weki Meki - OOPSY

Official channel link

[MV] NATURE - Girls

The 'hot like chili chili' line is killing me.
Interesting concept direction for them to explore.

The Uncensored Version pushes the creepy/horror stuff a little more.

[MV] CRAVITY - Cloud 9

[MV] D1CE - Draw You

[MV] WayV - Turn Back TIme

[MV] Jung Seunghwan - Whenever Wherever

Super pretty ballad.

[MV] JUNGGIGO - warm

[MV] Ra.D - The Film

[MV] ODDCHILD - Island

This is Woo Jiyoon, formerly of BOL4. Doin' her own thang.
'Drawing' version of the MV:

[MV] N.O.M - I'm not but N.O.M

N.O.M back doing N.O.M things. NSFW-ish, of course.

[MV] MOON XION - Mr. Lonely

[MV] 1/N - Just say no

[MV] Heve - Closer

[MV] MISTER T - Better Man

Fun Trot dudes.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

[MV] IZ*ONE - Secret Story of the Swan

[MV] AWEEK - One Four Three (1.4.3)

[MV] Heize (feat. ASH ISLAND) - Your name

[MV] LEE SUNHEE (feat. Chanyeol) - Anbu

Great to hear new material from SunHee. Legend.

[MV] BewhY X Simba Zawadi - Hymn

[MV] ELO (feat. PUNCHNELLO) - Cupcake

[MV] Baek Ah Yeon - Looking For Love

[MV] W24 - Joahaeyo

[MV] HI CUTIE - Try Again

[MV] Jukjae (feat. Zion.T) - No, Thanks

[MV] Lim Seul Ong (feat. Kei) - Female Friend

[MV] Honey-G - This is the song

[STATION] Super Junior K.R.Y. - Midnight Story

[MV] Choi Nakta (feat. Park Kyung) - WSID

[MV] Grizzly (feat. PUNCHNELLO, SOLE) - Favorite

[MV] Theo (feat. Blase) - Gotta Go

[MV] Gwangil Jo - KOREA

Friday, June 12, 2020

[MONTHLY] Favorites for MAY 2020

Oh, man. 2020 is seriously taking a toll, huh? I'm real stressed and not doing particularly well due to more personal concerns, but the world feels just as upside-down as I do. So intense.

I initially had about 20 tracks in the full post, hugely dominated by mellow R&B tracks. Pared it down a bit and ended up with more variation. My top choices are a little more lively.

My girls KEEMBO up here sounding great and having some fun. Also keeping my eye on this new group LUCY. Having a violinist genuinely present in their sound has my attention.

In the full post: TuZi, Ra.D/Jinbo, IU/SUGA, eunoo, Jongup/YUNHWAY, SE SO NEON, Samuel Seo/Yerin Baek, Kim Seong Jun, sEODo, SOLE, Agust D, ONEWE, Roy Kim, and SWJA.


[MV] BTS - We are Bulletproof : the Eternal

Happy FESTA!

[MV] Heize - Lyricist / Things are going well

[MV] DIA - Hug U

[MV] JeA (feat. Moonbyul) - Greedyy

[MV] Swan - i like u

[MV] Jay Park - All The Way Up

[MV] Choi Ye Geun - Lucid Dream

[MV] Sik-K (feat. Crush) - TELL YA!, DARLING (Short Film)

[MV] Rudals - BENZ

[MV] CokeJazz - Surfers in Hawaii

[MV] Dvwn (feat. CHEEZE) - Concrete


[MV] MONNI - Our spring was beautiful

Tuesday, June 9, 2020


[MV] N.Flying - Oh really.

[MV] Super Junior K.R.Y - When We Were Us

Been a long time since KRY released something.

[MV] Seo Eunkwang - No One Knows

[MV] SEVENTEEN - Us, Again

[MV] HA SUNG WOON - Get Ready

I have no idea what's happening in this MV. Lol!
Song is interesting though.

[DEBUT] E'LAST - Swear

[CF] Chung Ha - Be Yourself

CF for Sprite.

[MV] With Woollim - Relay

Official channel link
Sung by Kim Sung Kyu(INFINITE), Lovelyz, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, and Woollim Rookie (Cha Jun Ho, Hwang Yun Seong, Kim Dong Yun, Joo Chang Uk, Lee Hyeop, Kim Min Seo).

[MV] Ha Hyunsang (feat. Rohann) - Nostalgia

[MV] LEENALCHI - Tiger's Third Leg

Fun pansori jam.

[MV] JUNGKEY (feat. jeebanoff) - weekEnd

[MV] JUNGKEY (feat. MOON) - My dear


[MV] Francis - R&B isn't dead

[MV] NOHAYBANDA - Rabbit hole

Friday, June 5, 2020




Little elements in this remind me of BTS's 'ON'. I wonder if they were worked on at the same time.

[MV] VICTON - Mayday

Vocal production on this sounds so 'buzz-y' to me. Odd.

[MV] Sik-K, pH-1, Jay Park, HAON - GANG Official Remix

This has blown up pretty big in Korea apparently.

[DEBUT] GIDONGDAE - Party Like This

[MV] THE SOLUTIONS - Dance With Me

[MV] Maytree - Holding the end of this night

Oh hell yes. Been too long since I listened to some acappella goodness.

[MV] JUNGKEY (feat. George) - I know

[MV] JUNGKEY (feat. Vincent Blue) - Baby

[MV] Summer Soul (feat. JUSTHIS) - Tinder

[MV] DANGGISIO - Last Dream

[MV] Baek Juyeon - Airplane

[MV] Soo-Yeony - blue

[MV] EK - Bomb Head

[MV] SUNGHWI (feat.Yong Jin) - Jaundiced eye

[MV] HASH - Delete

[MV] Yoon Jiyoung - Shame

[MV] ClaD - Mon paris

[MV] Jang Hye Jin, Han Dong Geun - West Sea