Wednesday, March 30, 2016

[MV] N-SONIC - Excalibur

I'm such a sucker for this kind of percussion. Sounds great.
Not sure exactly if/when the main version of the MV will be out.

Edit - There's now a Drama version, but it's vastly inferior, imo.

[MV] Boys Republic - Get Down

Warning for stylized throat-slitting and a decapitation... rather gory for Kpop. O.O

[MV] DAY6 - Letting Go

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Official channel link

Been very excited about OMG's comeback.
Cool track. The video is super fun. Similar aesthetic to Red Velvet. The underwater shots are really distinctive. Off to listen to the album!

Performance version on Naver tvcast

Here's an unofficial youtube mirror.
Oh My Girl is choreography goals.

The MV now has an official 2nd version that focuses on the choreo:

Official channel link

[MV] JUNHYOSEONG (feat. D.Action) - Find Me

Official channel link

Yah, Hyosung! This is up there with Good Night Kiss for me.
The performance shots are awesome.
11 00

[MV] BTOB - Remember that

Chorus is lovely.

[MV] Block B - A Few Years Later

Block B with a ballad!

[MV] Sam Kim - Mama, Don't Worry


K-popstar 3 runner-up!

[MV] Big Earth Little Me (ft. Annie K & Wujud) - I Good

[MV] Oriental Showcus - Rosy Cheeked

Thursday, March 24, 2016

[MV] AMBER - Borders

Station #7

All English Amber!

Station #6 was a Jonghyun and Heritage collab, which SM didn't make a video for.
Your Voice (audio)

[MV] BeautyHandsome - Felt Like Forever

[MV] MAS 0094 - Feeling Good

Hadn't heard of these guys. Apparently they debuted in Fall '15.
Fairly nice sound, I'd say.

[MV] FIC (feat. Kyuri Kim) - Bling Bling

[ADMIN] Ads...

Just kind of curious how adsense works on blogger, so I've popped in a few ads. Hopefully they're not intrusive. Not likely to make anything off them, but I want to check out the process.

[MV] DΞΔN x GAEKO - half moon

[MV] A.cian - TOUCH

Official channel link

That orange blush makes them look slightly ill. Lol.
Cute video though!

[MV] Eric Nam - Interview

Fun video!

[MV] Eric Nam - Good For You

[MV] Hong Jin Young - Thumb Up

Haven't posted trot in a while!

Monday, March 21, 2016

[MV] Matilda - Macarena


Could do a lot worse for a debut. Decent!
One of the members is Haena who was previously in Kiss&Cry.

[MV] Jay Park - The truth is

The lyrics... LOL. Petty af.
Points for being honest? XD

[MV] DΞΔN - bonnie & clyde

Really strong. Dean is on a roll.

[MV] KittiB (feat. Verbal Jint) - Doin' Good

Gentle warning for a bit of domestic-ish violence?

Official channel link

[MV] Rude Paper - Sons of Liberty

[MV] PIETA - Save Me

New rock band. Great sound!
(Facebook page)

[MV] Lucia - Learning

[MV] Kisper (feat. Boole) - Pill

[MV] GOT7 - Fly

Other than the performance part possibly causing motion sickness for some folks (lol) the MV is pretty cool.
Questioning the audio production a bit. Something in the vocals sounds very raw... and not in a good way. I thought it just might be my headphones, but found some other reactions that noticed the same. Hmm.

[MV] Marychou - Waltz Tonight

Saturday, March 19, 2016

[MV] Bulhandang - We Back

Bulhandang is a hip hop crew with a ton of rappers and producers.
This features, MC Meta, Naachal, Nuck (Soul Dive), Rhyme-A-, and DJ Pandol.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

[MV] Paloalto (feat. DEAN & Sway D) - Fancy

[MV] Phonebooth - A Dead Bird

[MV] Sugardonut - When We Were 18

[MV] Red Velvet - One Of These Nights

Pretty colors! Pretty ballad, but a bit underwhelming maybe?

The album is nice. I think most everyone was hoping for it to be more heavy on the R&B slow jam feels... like Be Natural and Automatic. But it's straight ballads, leaning towards the pop side with only a touch of R&B. Interesting.

EDIT: I wondered about the yellow boats, references to water, etc, but didn't dig deeper.
There's a blog post getting a lot of attention now for a detailed breakdown of symbolism in the MV... all related to the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

Original post
allkpop's translation

SM has often inserted larger political or social issues into their MVs/lyrics, sometimes very sloppily (ie. Red Velvet's Happiness), but this one is a fairly respectful tribute.

[MV] Hyomin (T-ARA) - SKETCH

Hey, look at that... a sexually charged MV with almost no gratuitous shots of body parts.
05 00

Then I saw there was a "Sexy Version" and that ramped it up a bit. Lol. Like 14 shots. I think that's a bit telling.

Anyway, not a terrible song, but maybe kind of incomplete? And the vocal seems a little off... ?

[MV] Yoon Jong Shin - Old School

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

[MV] LEE HI - Hold My Hand

The video is so cute! The pixel art is playful and refreshing.
This kind of R&B/funk/pop is really my ideal. Contemporary version of 60s/70s Motown.
Love it. Suits her perfectly.

[MV] LEE HI - Breathe

Been very excited anticipating Lee Hi's new stuff. Loving the album!
Beautiful ballad.

[MV] JJCC - ToDay

Official channel link (better audio)

Not sure what the deal is with the audio on 1theK. Often barely coming through on one side. Seems to be a problem with lots of videos. Actually, not just 1theK... youtube in general.

3.25 Edit - 360 VR version:

[MV] FIESTAR - Mirror

14 00

[MV] CoreMagaZine - And she said

[MV] Bebemon - Bokkotonic

Project group of Bae Seul Gi and Monsterz... !

[MV] Loopy - Goyard

Official channel link (better audio)

[MV] Miss $ - Don't Speak Without Soul

Official channel link

[MV] SNUPER - Platonic Love

[MV] Seo In Guk - Seasons of the Heart

Sunday, March 6, 2016

[MV] Ra.D - I Want You

[MV] CLC - High Heels

This was up a week ago, but it had some linking issues and I wondered if they'd release a full version... but that's probably not happening soon.
Member Eunbin is currently participating in Produce 101, so she her parts were cropped out of the MV and this 'Short Version' might be all we get.

Two weeks later EDIT: Full version of the MV now available!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

[MV] Jimin (AOA) & Xiumin (EXO) - Call You Bae

Official channel link

[MV] KNK - Knock


[MV] Lee Seung Gi - Meet Someone Like Me

Seunggi just started his military service about a month ago, so this is a little gift to his fans.

[MV] Solji & Hani (aka. Dasoni) - Only One

EXID's subunit with Solji and Hani. Apparently they are doing away with Dasoni as their name because there will be many future combination subunits within the group.

Also this won't be promoted while the girls (Hani at least) are finally getting a bit of rest after the year they've had.