Thursday, May 13, 2021


Subunit includes: SeolA, Bona, EXY, and Eunseo

[MV] WONHO (feat. Kiiara) - Ain't About You (Eng.)

[MV] YUQI ((G)-IDLE) - Giant (Eng.)

Always like to hear lower female vocals. 
I like the other track on the single 'BONNIE & CLYDE' even more.

[DEBUT] BLITZERS - Breathe Again

[MV] 10cm (feat. LEE SUHYUN) - Sleepless in Seoul

[MV] D.Ark (feat. Changmo) - GENIUS

[MV] Seo Jieum - Spring Leaves

[MV] Wilcox - Drive Thru

[MV] Lee Seok Hoon, Rocoberry - Ten Reasons I Love You

Tuesday, May 11, 2021


The 'du du du da-dooo' part in the chorus was played in the teasers and it made be think of SNSD's 'Galaxy Supernova' so now I can't unhear that even though the rest of the song is totally different. XD

[MV] OH MY GIRL - Dun Dun Dance

[MV] NCT DREAM - Hot Sauce


[MV] SHAUN - Closed Ending

This one really evokes Way Back Home.

[MV] SHAUN (feat. Wonstein) - Blue

[MV] Baekhyun, Seomoon Tak - Hurt

Sunday, May 9, 2021

[MONTHLY] Favorites for FEBRUARY 2021

Catching up with monthly posts, part 2.

The top picks for February were the two tracks that got stuck in my head relentlessly, but I have yet to tire of them. I can see CIX's 'Cinema' making it all the way to my end-of-the-year favorites list. Just absolutely love this thing. Solid pop song. And then yeah... the animated anthropomorphic rabbit. Feel kinda weird about picking APOKI, but I love the singer's vocal tone and the catchiness of 'GET IT OUT' is just undeniable.

In the full post: MOVNING, SE SO NEON, HyunA, BULGOGIDISCO, SIA, LUCY, SWJA/Dear Jazz Orchestra, KISSXS, KEEMBO, IMLAY/Chenle, SURAN, ONF, SUNMI, WONHO, Narae Lee, and BIG Naughty/JAMIE.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

[MV] BIBI - Life is a Bi...

Big appreciation for the MV. Pretty intense. Life really is a b...

[MV] AILEE - Make up your mind

[PROMO] Brave Girls RED SUN

Promotional collab with Lotte Department Store.


[MV] MUSM (feat. Hanzoo, yppah) - I have no xxx

Lovely tutting from the dancer.

[MV] Punch - We're Breaking Up

[MV] Yu Dabin Band - LETTER

[MV] Lee Hyo Jung - After Rain

[MV] HYELIN - Lonely

[MV] Gwangil Jo - Rambo

[MV] DUETTO - The Moon

[MV] Kim Areum - Drive

[MV] Gummy - Autumn Breeze (Eng.)

[MV] Amber Liu - complicated (Eng.)

Tuesday, May 4, 2021


[MV] BIBI - Birthday Cake

Could be a little distressing/emotional to watch.

These little vignette videos are pretty interesting as a project.

[MV] BUMKEY (feat. Moonbyul) - The Lady

[MV] Yesung - Beautiful Night

[MV] MUSTB - Love Formula

[MV] SUMIN, Zion.T - Creamppang

[MV] BEN - Because I am a woman

[MV] Kid Milli, dress (feat. ron) - Bittersweet

[MV] Han Dong Geun - Thank you for letting me leavve

[MV] LeeZe - My Spring, Your Flower



Sunday, May 2, 2021

[MONTHLY] Favorites for JANUARY 2021

Catching up with monthly posts... part 1. Lol.

Really loved Cherry Bullet's 'Love So Sweet'. Cute track! And then good lively vibes from Jang Han Byul.

In the full post: HONG EUNKI, JEONG SEWOON, MCND, TREASURE, (G)I-DLE, WEi, LIMHARA, Susan, AB6IX, Epik High/CL/Zico, Hoppipolla, susoo, NONE/Ynejamin, NILD/Marin, U-KNOW, Dreamcatcher, IU, and NOA.