Thursday, January 30, 2020

[MV] Super Junior - 2YA2YAO

[MV] Golden Child - Without You


[MV] SIYEON (Dreamcatcher) - Paradise

[MV] Kanto - Out Of The Blue

Official channel link

[MV] YEZI - My Gravity

[MV] Balming Tiger (feat. Omega Sapien, wnjn) - Kolo Kolo

[MV] TREASURE - Going Crazy

[MV] Lee Haeri - Just Cry

[MV] NCT 127 - Dreams Come True

[MV] The Night of Seokyo (feat. BiNi) - Diving

[MV] Blackleaf - Barim

Thursday, January 23, 2020

[MV] Dynamic Duo, Chen - YOU

[MV] Paul Kim, Chung Ha - Loveship

Official channel link

[MV] Crush - Ibiza

[MV] BTS - Black Swan

Pre-release 'Art Film'.
The Martha Graham quote at the start punched me ex-answer ass right in the face. Lol. Gorgeous dancing courtesy of a Slovenian company.
This version with the orchestral track is only on this film. The album version sounds very different. More focus on hip hop and a trap beat. Spotify

[MV] BOBBY - Rest Your Bones

[MV] Various Artists - The Earth Traveler

This was a project song performed at the end of the KBS Gayo Daechukje.

Artists: Apink, ASTRO, BTS, Chung Ha, EVERGLOW, GFRIEND, Golden Child, GOT7, ITZY, MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, N.Flying, NCT 127/Dream, NU'EST, OH MY GIRL, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN, Song Gain, Stray Kids, THE BOYZ, TWICE, TXT, and WJSN

[MV] Kim Dong Wan - Red Shoes


[MV] Band Girin - Beautiful Days


Epic 'popera' track.

[MV] Dunkindouner (feat. Dalzi) - Lie Down

Thursday, January 16, 2020

[MV] Taeyeon - Dear Me

[MV] Jaejoong - Tender Love

[MV] Woody - Nothing's gonna be changed

[MV] ZICO - Any Song

[MV] ENOi - Cheeky


Pre-debut release.

[MV] GUHARA - Hello (Jpn.)

Posthumous release for Hara. :(

[DEBUT] 2Z - My 1st Hero

New band under Morph Management.

[MV] Yoon Jong Shin (feat. YUMDDA) - Spare

[MV] Jhnovr - U

Pretty tight.

[MV] Insooni - Happy

[MV] Shofar Music - Awkward

Big collab for all the artists in Shofar Music (BOL4's company).

Artists: BOL4, Boramiyu, Choi Yuree, Kim Ji Soo, Letter flow, Sweden Laundry, Vanilla Acoustic, WH3N, and 20 Years of Age.

[MV] Grizzly - Prague (About Time)

[MV] Eian - Rainy Day

Saturday, January 11, 2020

[MONTHLY] Favorites for DECEMBER 2019

There is a ton of special work to do on r/kpop during December/January as mods, so everything personal is taking longer to get to. My full eclectic mix for 2019 probably won't be up until the end of the month at the earliest.

Anywho, December! Really loved CL's whole album. It's strong work. I think Paradox is my favorite, but I considered a few others for this top spot. My other pick for the month was G.Soul's super-melancholic ballad under his new stage name, Golden. Can't really beat a beautiful voice and melody with simple piano and strings.

Red Velvet's 'Psycho' was a huge hit with many, but I still get irritated by how crowded the mix is... in both the MV and studio version. It's a pretty cool song otherwise. I've been thinking about Wendy's terrible injury a lot. I hope she's able to recover quickly with no lingering pains. Awful thing to happen to anyone, but for a stage performer... oof. :(

In the full post: Park Jihoon, Khundi Panda, Stray Kids, Budung, CL, Leenzy, Nody Cika, Red Velvet, Lim Heon Il, and Jiyeon.

Friday, January 10, 2020

[MV] BTS (Suga) - Shadow (MAP OF THE SOUL : 7)

Here we gooooo!
This gets the theme across really strongly. It's like a conversation between Suga's persona and his shadow (Jungian archetypes), so it getting really uncomfortable and intense at the end is a very intentional conceptual choice. I'm into it, not really for enjoyment, but just for what it all represents. He has been very outspoken about how brutal/scary their level of fame has become.

It's almost going to be two full months of BTS hype leading up to their next album. They are fusing Korean and Western promotional methods by releasing a few songs with videos, then releasing the full album, then the big MV... all spaced out over time. It's super interesting!

'Persona' was the intro, 'Shadow' here is the interlude, and 'Ego' is likely to be the outro for the whole Map of The Soul era. Probably J-Hope on that one.


[MV] ANS - Say My Name

[AUDIO] Younha (feat. RM) - WINTER FLOWER

This is super gorgeous. Powerful lyrics, too. RM has been a massive fan of Younha for ages, so this was a dream collab for him.

[MV] Amber Liu - Stay Calm

[MV] VOISPER - Keep Going

[MV] pH-1 (feat. Yerin Baek) - Nerdy Love

Ah, love this. Good vibes.

[MV] SLEEPY (feat. Mckdaddy, Bassagong) - JusticE

[MV] Colde - Don't Leave Me, My Love

[MV] Lulileela - Dive

[MV] SUZANNE - Can't Hang

[MV] BLSG - Player

Sunday, January 5, 2020

[MV] MOMOLAND - Thumbs Up

[MV] NELL - All This Fxxking Time

[MV] DONGKIZ - All I Need is You

[MV] TST - Count down

Some director was on an art history kick making this video. Tons of Mondrian.


Pre-debut release.

[MV] M.O.N.T - Tired

[MV] Lee Minhyuk - Still Love You

[MV] 2LSON (feat. Kim Chan Ho) - YOU

[MV] MC SNIPER - Your Voice


[MV] Khakii - LAZY