Wednesday, September 27, 2017

[MV] U-KNOW Yunho - DROP

Station2 #25

Yunho back from military service!
Changmin will have a Station track out soon, too.
This feels so SMP from the later '00s even though the production is more current. Feels very reminiscent of his solo track 'Spokesman' from back in 2007. Interesting.
And the video is Junsu-tier epicness. Lol.

#24 was IMLAY X Laura Brehm's track 'Daylight'. All English.

[MV] K.will - Nonfiction

Official channel link

K.will always coming through with the emotional gut-punch.

[MV] Royal Pirates - Where U At & Hasta la Vista

Where U At:

Hasta la Vista (english):

Sad news. Royal Pirates is going on indefinite hiatus.
I'm emotional seeing this old footage.
James, the bassist, left Royal Pirates officially back in January. He was injured terribly in a freak accident that mutilated his hand a couple years ago. He attempted to keep it, reconstructive surgery, treatments, etc. Played some keyboard and worked more on production. Just in the last week he posted an update on Instagram that completely broke my heart with a picture of his hand (It's graphic, be cautious if you look for more info on his story). James is obviously going through a very difficult time and may be losing or may have already lost his hand.
The remaining two members will have military service (Sooyoon) and solo composing work (Moon), so they are essentially disbanded as a group for now.
My thoughts go out to James.

[DEBUT] Skooby Doo (feat. NiiHwa, DJ DREV) - Stan Lee

Official channel link

[MV] NADA - Trippin'

Formerly of WA$$UP.

Monday, September 25, 2017

[MV] B1A4 - Rollin'

Official channel link


Official channel link

A SEVENTEEN subunit with just the leaders of each unit:
S.Coups (Hip Hop), Woozi (Vocal), and Hoshi (Performance).

[MV] O3ohn (feat. JOONIE) - kalt

Just came across this dude thanks to reddit. Sounds remarkably like OhHyuk.
This was released back in February. [O3ohn soundcloud link]

[MV] Boys in the Kitchen - See The Sun

Nice little rock jam.

[MV] Sik-K - Earphone

[MV] Brooklyn (feat. KEEZY) - NOTHING I WON'T DO

[DEBUT] monogram - The Child

Monday, September 18, 2017


The performance looks absolutely insane. I'm all over that.
The vibrant colors. All over that.

I think it falls a bit into the 2017-itis category for me. A little too much crammed into one track. So much going on. But on multiple listens it holds together better. I could lose that off-syncopated snare tap though (or whatever it is). That's killing me.
Just got through the album. Serendipity and Dimple (track 4) are my jimmie-jams. My least faves are DNA and Best Of Me (Chainsmokers joint). But I can overall enjoy the whole thing. Still haven't heard the hidden tracks yet...

Sunday, September 17, 2017

[MV] Sunny X Henry - U&I

Station2 #23

[MV] Yoon Jong Shin, Eddy Kim - Now

Official channel link
Part of the SM/Mystic Snowball Project. Hareem and Cho Jung Chi in the instrumental.

Frickin' animated pig got me bawling.

[MV] Rocoberry - Bob Shou Wa

[REMAKE] JINBO (feat. Jay Park) - Just You And Me

Official channel link

KRNB2 is Jinbo's 2nd remake album.
This is a remake of  Just You And Me (그대와 단 둘이서) by Kim Hyun-shik’s from 1986.

[MV] Sik-K, pH-1, Jay Park - iffy

[PROMO/CF] Junoflo X Yoon Mirae, Nucksal for KIA Motors

Junoflo (feat. Yoon Mi Rae) - GHOOD MORNING
KIA Picanto

Nucksal - YES I AM
KIA Stonic

[MV] EZ Kim (feat. Taylor) - Place


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

[MV] 20 Years of Age - Not Him

[MV] Bizzy (feat. YDG) - What's up Hyung

[MV] Junho (2PM) - Instant Love & CANVAS

Instant Love:


[MV] SLEEPY (feat. BLOO, Liquor k.jr) - So what

[MV] SugarBowl - A Very Special One

[MV] BewhY (feat. Dok2) - 9UCCI BANK

Crazy instrumental. Weirdly evokes Gershwin for me.
American in Paris or something. Or like... West Side Story...

[MV] Koh Na Young - Stars

[MV] Sway D - Hurricane Love & Go Up

Hurricane Love:

Go Up:

[MV] Monday Kiz - If you leave me now

Friday, September 8, 2017


OOOOOooooohhh damn. I love this.
Thumbs up from me!!

[MV] Yoona - When The Wind Blows

Station2 #22

Last week was this purely instrumental Man In the Mirror tribute to Michael Jackson.


[MV] NOVADOX - In My Sight


[MV] Soyou - The Blue Night of Jeju Island

Official channel link

[DEBUT] Dasom Kyung - Think I Wanted To Be

[MV] G.Soul - Can't

[MV] Yonko - Butterfly

[MV] BYE BYE BADMAN - Monolove

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

[MV] EXO - Power

Chinese version

EXO is doing a comic book concept for their repackage, which is cute.
The over-the-top sound effects muffling out the actual song are kind of a shame.
I was rooting for the budget Portal turret.

[MV] BTS (Jimin) - Serendipity : LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her

Please watch this. It's an experience worth having. It has subtitles in English (thanks, BigHit!), but I recommend just watching and listening once through first, then turning them on.

For the uninitiated, this is Jimin. He's a vocalist and (amazing) dancer in BTS. Typically BigHit takes the intro track of the album to make the 'Comeback Trailer'. The equivalent from the WINGS era was 'Boy Meets Evil', the album's intro track featuring only J-Hope rapping (and dancing). It features one member of the group and sets the concept/theme for the comeback. Serendipity is the first time one of the vocal-line in BTS did the intro. It has always been the rappers before.

Just like 'Save Me' was a bit ahead of the Tropical House curve in terms of Kpop picking up trends in western music, this one is tapping into some of the more spare/organic sounding R&B that's pretty current. Compare to Kendrick Lamar's 'LOVE'.

Y'all know I watch a lot of videos. It takes something incredibly special to earn my highest praise.
Serendipity has all of it.
The video is a masterwork. LUMPENS continues to be my favorite director team working in Kpop. The chill track is lovely. Above all, it is the sensitive vocal production that has me trembling. I'm full of thoughts about this whole piece. I'll just put them in the full post to avoid more clutter.


Official channel link

I cannot deal with mullets coming back to Kpop.
Otherwise really nice.

[MV] Junho (feat. CHEEZE) - Bye Bye

[MV] San E, PENOMECO, Microdot, Kebee - Fresh Up

Official channel link




A special MV for this b-side. Only JUN & TH8 from the performance unit.

Chinese version