Thursday, October 29, 2020


More of that retro synthwave on trend. Lighter vibes than Everglow's. I like it.
That side-lunge drop in the choreo is great.

Edit: Finally got a chance to listen to their Eyes Wide Open album. It's pretty fabulous.


(G)I-DLE's Soyeon and Miyeon reprising their roles along with Madison Beer, Jaira Burns, and Lexie Liu joining the group as 'Seraphine' singing in Chinese,
Can't beat POP/STARS, but it sounds pretty good.

[MV] TXT - Blue Hour

Funk pop, but with moar cowbell. XD
Chipmunk(?) kinda freaking me out.

[MV] Refund Sisters (Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung Hwa, Jessi, Hwasa) - DON'T TOUCH ME

When Hyori says she wants to form a supergroup on a variety show (Hangout With Yoo), Hyori gets her way. Lol. This has been killing on the charts just like SSAK3.


[MV] CIX - Jungle

Strong flashing light in the performance shots.

Quite an elaborate MV. I wish there were less cuts and strobing light. Couldn't fully appreciate the set designs and dancing.

[MV] DKB - Work Hard

[DEBUT] DRIPPIN - Nostalgia

[DEBUT] P1Harmony - SIREN

[MV] T1419 - Dracula

Pre-debut release.

[MV] Paul Kim - Hangover

[MV] fromis_9 - Weather

[MV] Boramiyu - I tried

[MV] Super Junior K.R.Y - Traveler (Jpn.)

[MV] Bizzy (feat. Tiger JK, Jung In) - WALKIE TALKIE

[MV] KOYOTE - Delete

So true to that old-school pop sound.

[DEBUT] DPR IAN - So Beautiful

Cool track. English. IAN was in C-Clown, but this is his solo debut.

[MV] JUO - Hide And Seek

[MV] Puer Kim - Unpretty tattoo

A little gruesome... eating her own heart/flesh? Done in an artsy way though.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

[MV] MVP - Every Day

[MV] Stray Kids - ALL IN (Jpn.)


[MV] fromis_9 - Mulgogi

[MV] Crush (with Taeyeon) - Let Me Go


[MV] MOON (feat. Zion.T) - Walk In The Night

[LIVE MV] Samuel Seo (with UNITY band) - CYCLE


[MV] A-FLOW (with Choerry) - YOU

[MV] Motte - Rocket

[MV] If Enough - Surrender

I like how strong that bass is.


Korean debut. They've also been active in Japan.


[MV] Wooks - Take It Off

[MV] truly - T3T...

[OST] Solji - One Person

From the '18 Again' OST.

[MV] Yebit - Being Someone's Mind

[MV] Monday Kiz - Others love easily, but I can't

[MV] Heo Young Saeng - If I Love You Less

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

[MV] MAMAMOO - Dingga

Similar vibe to 'Hip', but maybe more normal sounding. Heh. I can dig.
Seems funny to have a dance breakdown like that in a MAMAMOO track.


The chorus is a touch simple/repetitive for me, but it's a lot of fun overall.

[MV] LOONA - Why Not?

Still not feeling the musical direction of Loona's lead tracks. I like this better than 'So What' though.

[MV] B1A4 - Like A Movie

I have no idea what's happening in the MV. The polygon animal head masks are cute.

[MV] NCT U - From Home

They're all singing in their native languages, so Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese are all represented.

[MV] D-CRUNCH - Across The Universe

[MV] So!YoON! X Phum Viphurit - Wings

Soyoon makes fuckin' great music.


Cool track. 
MV is super weird. Pretty sure I've seen a few videos from the same director by now... all in the same style at least.

[MV] Yang Han Kloo

[MV] DAYDAY (feat. Verbal Jint) - NME'S

[MV] Koh Na Young - Unlock the Key

[MV] Lim Chang Jung - Love should not be harsh on you

Saturday, October 17, 2020


Absolutely love this. It's nice to hear Suhyun do something more lowkey vocally. Still such a clear and beautiful sound as always. And she did well with the choreo! Also love the animation and concept.
I think it's technically her actual solo debut though she has definitely done collabs/features and stuff on her own before.


I gave up trying to follow what happened with RaNia, but in the end they lost enough members to get a bunch of new people and actually start over again.

[MV] CHEN - Hello

[OST] Red Velvet - Future

[MV] Loco (feat. Heize) - Can't Sleep

[MV] DAWN (feat. Jessi) - DAWNDIDIDAWN

Missed posting this last week.

[MV] Ryeowook - Calendar


[SPECIAL] Chancellor, Babylon, TWLV, BIBI, Jiselle - AUTOMATIC

I think MOON is also on the actual studio track, but she isn't in this version. I haven't checked though!

[MV] Punch - I Miss U

[MV] KIM WOO SEOK & Lee Eun Sang - Memories


[MV] COLL!N (feat. amin - Fantasy

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Pretty nice.

[MV] NCT U - Make A Wish (Birthday Song)

[MV] NCT U - Misfit

I appreciate the more oldschool Hip Hop sound of this, leaning into that rock instrumental. My ears are so done with autotune/vocoder in everything that it's a relief to hear such straight vocal sound.


[MV] Weeekly - Zig Zag

More classic bubbly girl group sound!

[MV] Dynamic Duo, HA:TFELT, snzae, THAMA, SOLE - Natural Mineral


[REMAKE] DaHye - Poison

Remake of Uhm Jung Hwa's 'Poison' from 1998 with a Latin Pop twist.

[MV] Choi Ye Geun - Distance

Mostly just loving everything Ye Geun has released!

[MV] Crucial Star, Wynn, DNEIRF - PIZZA DAY

As an aside, Happy Pizzamas!

[MV] aLf - With me

Reminded me heavily of the mid-2000s visual kei JRock sound... then this dude serving Miyavi realness shows up playing guitar. Lol. Gave me pause. He even had the same dyed blue hairstyle at the time. Odd.


[MV] Kim Suyoung - Don't know

[MV] CA$H KiD - LoLo

[MV] NiiHWA - Melting Point

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

[MV] Golden Child - Pump It Up

Classic boy group sound. I'm enjoying the brighter/happier songs releasing.

[MV] WJSN Chocome - Hmph!

Big Orange Caramel energy. Fun subunit.

[MV] ITZY - Be In Love

Nice relaxed MV for a B-side, similar to Nobody Like You. Really like this song as well.

[MV] IZ*ONE - Beware (Jpn.)

This song has the opposite problem that a lot of K-Pop has recently (imo!). The vocals are under-produced instead of over-produced. The more raw vocals are a little more typical for J-Pop, but this seems to be really raw and then mixed poorly as well. Just doesn't sound great. Cute video.

[DEBUT] Hayeon - Eyes on you

This is Taeyeon's younger sister. Apparently the track was originally generated by AI and then refined by actual human producers. Kinda interesting.

[MV] BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girls

Probably the first BP track I've decently liked since Playing With Fire. Nice strong chorus that doesn't feel like all the rest of their stuff.

[MV] Jay Park, Golden, pH-1 - Afternoon


[MV] Super Junior D&E - No Love

[MV] TAEYEON (feat. CHANMINA) - #GirlsSpkOut (Jpn.)

[MV] SF9 - Shone Together


This is super nice. Didn't know anything about her, but quickly looked her up. Apparently she was signed with YG Ent. for 9 years and only left in 2019. That YG dungeon... oof. Lovely debut!

[MV] Lee Eun Sang - Mirage

[MV] LUCY - Enough

[MV] Sogumm, OHHYUK - yayou hoi

Weird, but pretty cool.

[OST] LEE HI - Brave Enough

From the Record of Youth OST.

[DEBUT] Kim Hae Ri - OOTD

Formerly in LipBubble.

[MV] The Night of Seokyo (feat. Kyungbin) - OH-A

[MV] Fishingirls (feat. Park Yoon Sik) - Dear

[MV] Sunday Off - Someone Who Isn't Me

[MV] Joshua - Butterfly

[MV] Syn - All Night Long


[MV] Kim Marie - Our Universe

[MV] Jang Cheol Joon - To love longer

[MV] Lee Jin Ah - Dreamy Alarm


[MV] Nucksal (feat. Gaeko) - BAD TRIP + AKIRA

[MV] YISAEBOM - Bitter

[MV] Neighbro - I had a very strange dream

[MV] ODDCHILD - Bad Shit

Sunday, October 4, 2020

[MV] SuperM - One (Monster & Infinity)

[MV] Stray Kids - Any

[MV] UP10TION - Light

[MV] ONEWE - Parting

[MV] LUCY - Straight Line

Nice song. Cool simple video.

[MV] ZELO - Fault

[MV] TOO - Step By Step


A cover of 'I Believe' for some Pepsi promotion.

[MV] Y&W (Young&Wild) - Thirsty Now

[MV] YONGYONG (with ASH ISLAND) - Don't think about it

[MV] flor_us - Do not forget

[DEBUT] WIZ N - Between Us

[MV] Hey Men - Gatsby

[MV] LUAMEL - Covet

[MV] Goopy - Like a Star

[MV] BOYHOOD - Let's not be at home

[MV] Meaningful Stone - A Call From My Dream

[MV] ARO - Hug Me

[MV] Minit (feat. AVOKID) - WHAT YOU DID

[MV] Rakon - Broken Chair

[MV] Narachan (M.O.N.T) - September Hills

[OST] GRAY - Just Like The Rain

From the Twenty-Twenty webdrama OST.

[MV] FIL - Why

[MV] Crispy Monster (feat. OHNEW) - Love your everything