Tuesday, January 29, 2019

[MV] MINSEO (feat. Paul Kim) - 2cm

Official channel link

[MV] PUNCHNELLO (feat. Crush, PENOMECO) - Blue Hawaii

[MV] J.Heart - Taste

[MV] Hi-Lite Project - Air

Hi-Lite Records artist collab: Reddy, Sway D, Paloalto, G2, YunB, Huckleberry P,  and Jowonu.


[MV] Dasom Kyung - Your Time

[MV] KNOA - Walking on the Memories

[MV] JaeHan (SPECTRUM) - The untold story

Friday, January 25, 2019

[MV] IMFACT - Only U

The bass feels really nice on this one.

[MV] ROH TAEHYUN - I Wanna Know

Solo debut, but he's in HOTSHOT, participated in Produce101, and was in JBJ.
Probably one of the most talented dancers in the industry.

[STATION] colde - Loss

Super super soft ballad.

[MV] Tiffany Young - Born Again

More English from Tiffany.
The audio on Youtube is pure garbage. Obviously some kind of problem in the uploading process. Hopefully they get it fixed eventually.

Sounds fine on Spotify and elsewhere.

[MV] Woody - Fire Up

[MV] JANNABI - Like when we first met

[MV] Yoon Jong Shin - Taxi Driver

[MV] Lim Chae Eon - Like A Flower

[MV] SOMA - Motorcycle


[MV] Nieah (feat. Syler) - Deserve It

[MV] Big Marvel - Thursday Party

Seeing him use that microphone wrong the whole time was killing me.


Mostly posting this for the bizarre video. Lol.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


It's like the ultimate anti-drop EDM track. Lol.
I really like how sparse it is though.

[DEBUT] Cherry Bullet - Q&A

It's like TWICE's 'YES or YES' styling and AOA's 'Bingle Bangle' MV had a baby.
Solid debut if not the catchiest thing in the world.

[MV] Lee SoRa (feat. SUGA) - Song request

Nice collab. Love Lee SoRa and Suga's voice works well with her.
It was produced by Tablo and it's unusual for me to not like his work, but the insistent beat is grating on me. Lol. Everything else is lovely.

[MV] NIEL (Teen Top) - Behind You

[MV] PUNCHNELLO - Absinthe

There's some strobe-light flashing in the 'elevator' scenes and it also gets a little violent in there. More implied than actually shown.

[MV] Hwang Chi Yeul - A Walk To Goodbye

[DEBUT] MUSTB - i want u

This video was released back in December, but they just officially debuted with another MV that's more of a performance video (which can't be embedded).
Official MV link

[MV] YURI - Follow Nature

Not to be confused with SNSD's Yuri.
Cool sound.

[MV] Onestar - A tearful farewell

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

[MV] ASTRO - All Night


[MV] ATEEZ - Say My Name


Official channel link

Yessssss, Lee Hi.


[MV] HUTA (Lee Minhyuk) - YA

Official channel link

[MV] NATURE - Dream About U

[MV] Punch - Heart

[MV] Brady - Want To Be

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

[DEBUT] VERIVERY - Ring Ring Ring

[DEBUT] ONEUS - Valkyrie

I finally figured out the ONEUS, ONEWE thing. They are RBW's new brother groups, but both were previously active. ONEUS is an idol/dance group that was identified as RBW Boyz before. ONEWE is a band and had debuted as MAS 0094 before. So this is a re-branding for both groups.

[MV] Luna - BYE BYE

[MV] WJSN - La La Love

Official channel link

[MV] Dreamcatcher - July 7th

[MV] Ronny Chu - Typical Ending

[MV] Junoflo - Statues


I admit... I cringed through most of this.
Fully lolita J-Pop without the Japanese.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

[MV] RooRee - Meteor

[MV] MFECT - Designer


[MV] GXXD (feat. Sik-K, Coogie) - Bellboy

[DEBUT] M.O.N.T - Will you be my girlfriend?

I think these guys have been trying to debut for more than a year.
They were also on MIXNINE.

[MV] Ryeowook - Drunk in the morning

[MV] SoRi (feat. Jaehyun) - I'm Ready

Missed SoRi's release at the end of last year.

[MV] Rheehab (feat. Microdot) - Fish

Thursday, January 3, 2019

[MONTHLY] Favorites for DECEMBER 2018

The last Monthly post of the year! I've really enjoyed putting these monthly posts together, so I plan to continue it into 2019. There were lots of mellow songs and ballads through December, but I mixed in some of the livelier tracks I enjoyed.

My favorites for the month were the collaboration between Jannabi and Suhyun (AKMU) 'Made in Christmas', which is so fun and nostalgic-feeling to me, and also OVAN's staccato, but emotive rapping in 'Happiness' with its gorgeous orchestral track.

My full Top 30 list for 2018 is coming soon!

In the full post: ONEW, Kim Dong Ryul/IU, DAY6, dinin', Jinsil, Gaho, TWICE, Yesung/Chung Ha, Eyedi, PENOMECO, SEVENTEEN, 75 & gracie, TVXQ, and LEES2UN.

[MV] LUNA - Even So

[MV] Ryeowook - I'm not over you

[MV] J-CAT (feat. Rick Bridges, WD, Heavy Ray) - FaceTime

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

[MV] SHAUN - Bad Habits (+2 more)

Good to see SHAUN making use of his 'Way Back Home' budget. Lol. Three videos.

Also, Terminal and Traveler:

[MV] Baek Ji Woong (feat. Yang Da Il) - Blurred


[MV] Brand New Music - Sweater

Official channel link


[PLAYLIST] KPOPPY's Best Of 2018 : The Eclectic Mix

Why was this so excruciating to narrow down to 30? Why did I like so much music this year? Maybe instead of becoming more cynical as I get older, I get more easy to please. Regardless, this mix of 30 eclectic choices in Korean music for 2018 is heavily expanded in the full post with some extra categories full of songs that could easily qualify for my top favorites. I'll have honorable mentions and some indie stuff and some hip hop stuff and album recommendations and really it's all too much, but I'm compelled to include everything. It's my blog and I'll do what I want!

Fashion-wise, the strappy/bondage-esque styling continued along with over-sized pieces and wide-leg pants coming back for the gentlemen. The mullet contagion is still spreading and I'm not happy about it.

MVs often get filmed at the same sets. In recent years, music videos had trends of being shot in abandoned pools/bathhouses and then wind farms. Over the last year, the most popular place continues to be this building...

LOONA, Stray Kids, SOYA, Jerastar (seen here) and at least a dozen more artists have all been seen at this distinctive building with the circular architecture.

The Latin rhythm playlist I started early in the year continues to grow though I have a feeling this musical trend will not have the same staying power as Tropical House. I feel like it may have already peaked? I'm sure there will be more songs following the style, but I'm getting the sense something else will take over instead. We still have a lot of 80s pop and 90s hip hop sounds going strong.

The usual rules! Only songs with music videos. No OSTs. No repeating artists. It's all my subjective and personal taste. My goal with the final playlist is that no matter what song comes on I have the same feeling of, "OH, I LOVE THIS SONG!" for every one of them. So, we have the playlist, some notes on it, and then anything goes at the end of the full post for honorable mentions (chalk full of good stuff this year!).

[Link to the full playlist on Youtube]

My 30 favorites in chronological order:
Notes on selected tracks and all the other shout-outs and recommendations in the full post.