Saturday, October 24, 2015

[ADMIN] On Youtube Red and blocked videos

It's a normal thing to deal with replacing links. I do it all the time. Channels re-upload videos hours/days later for editing reasons. Or some deal took place months/years later where an artist's MVs must be taken down on one channel and put up elsewhere. I try to stay on top of this as much as possible.

However, with the incoming YouTube Red deals it seems that a handful of major Kpop and Jpop company channels became blocked in many more regions than normal... including for me in the US. Now the blocking is probably a different issue to the actual Red subscription program. But somewhere in the opt-in phase it looks like blocking was a byproduct since it's all happening at the same time.

It's not a huge deal, of course. It's just videos. Many places in the world hit blocks in substantial areas of YouTube and the web. Being from the US... it's not so common an experience for me. It could potentially make it difficult to keep up with new releases and have the most accessible links on

But the important point is that we don't know if this will all right itself or it will expand. Woollim was a big one blocked for me. So no Infinite or NELL or Lovelyz, but all of that material was just un-blocked today.

So, the main point is that I won't be changing out links right away, either here or on the main site. I'm going to wait it out for a week or two to see what comes back or if blocking expands to anything else. For anything that remains blocked, I'll try to find alternative links if possible.

[MV] Samuel Seo - G O Y O

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[MV] Click-B - Reborn

Holy cow. This group has a lot of history. Didn't know they were coming back!

[MV] XIA (feat. Giriboy) - OeO (Special Clip)

Gentle warning for flashing lights.


Glad that 1theK gave him another opportunity for a Special Clip. Allows him the chance to have a 'second single' of sorts despite the ongoing blacklisting.
Suits! Fun choreo! Very much designed for a concert tour setting.
Junsu has always had a thing against lots of camera movement for the performance parts of MVs because it distracts from the choreography. Agreed! But he probably allowed it for being a special release that is ONLY performance.

Lookin' good.

1theK added an a clip without the wild editing, which is awesome, BUT TOO SHORT:


Very excited about HIGHGRND. I think we can expect some great stuff.
So far so good!

[MV] M.Crown - Daedomumun


[MV] Kim Dong Wan - I'm Fine

[MV] SWEET SORROW - Hiding My Heart

Monday, October 19, 2015

[MV] DIA - My Friend's Boyfriend

Another one of those unintentionally really creepy narratives. Lol.



Kpop will save us from the zombie apocalypse!

Regardless of my personal taste, the ladies have had the stronger debuts this year.

Dance version:

[MV] Shin Ki Nam - Sweet Dream

[MV] SLEEPY (feat. Baek Ah Yeon) - Kibuntat

Official channel link

[MV] Andup - It's Me

1thK has Incredivle featuring on this, but no Incredivle to be seen...

Official channel link

[MV] BUZZ - Forever Love

[MV] Beenzino - Break

[MV] ZICO (feat. PENOMECO, The Quiett) - Yes Or No

So short and so weird.

[MV] Nuol - I Can't Breathe

[MV] Suh Young Eun - Raining Apugujeong

[MV] EARLS - Match Made in Heaven

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

[MV] SWEET SORROW - Rain In Seoul

Really touching MV. Those harmonies!

[MV] Kyuhyun - A Million Little Pieces

aka. every K-drama trope that's completely creepy in reality.

Spoiler-alert: Persistently stalking a total stranger, invading personal boundaries, wrist-grabbing, and then a sudden tragic medical emergency to give all that disturbing creepiness meaning.

[MV] MITM - Airport Railway

Wednesday, October 7, 2015