Friday, March 24, 2017

[MV] IU - Through the Night

IU's new album will be out April 21st. This is the first of two pre-releases we'll get before then.
Always glad to have IU back.

[MV] LUCY (feat. Kisum) - B-DAY

LUCY (Jiyeon) was formerly in GLAM.

[MV] Sanchez (feat. Beenzino) - 5 More Minutes

Official channel link

[MV] Moon Hyuna - Cricket Song

First solo single from Moon Hyuna (former 9MUSES member).

[OST] MAMAMOO - Double Trouble Couple

From the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon OST.

[MV] Choi Gogi (feat. KASPER) - Peach Tea

[MV] Holiday - Wish

[MV] JERO - Delusional

Like this quite a bit, but that shrill whistle was probably not the best choice.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

[MV] Hwanhee - So it is

Official channel link

Been forever since we had something from Hwanhee as a soloist.
Did well on King of Masked Singer recently!

[MV] Cao Lu, Kisum, Yerin - Spring Again

Bit of an odd collab. Not sure how that came about.
The lyrics are like a less cynical version of 10cm's 'What the Spring?'. Heh.

[DEBUT] Seven O'Clock - ECHO

[MV] SIXBOMB - Becoming Prettier After

Supposedly the 'concept' for this was that all the members of the group would get plastic surgery before their comeback...

... yep.
Maybe should've spent the money on a better producer and something other than cheap figure-skating outfits?

[MV] Mad Clown (feat. SURAN) - Love is a Dog from Hell

Official channel link

[MV] Joonil Jung - Wish

Monday, March 13, 2017

[MV] PRODUCE101 - PICK ME (Me, It's Me)

Here we go again!
Season 2 of Produce101 is getting the hype going.

I'll be watching. The first season completely shocked me with how good it was and we got IOI out of it. We'll see if the second season can meet those expectations with all boys this time. This theme song is less obnoxious than the first impressions of the original, but it's also less distinctive because of that. It's likely to grow on me anyway.
Mnet is releasing 15 contestant profiles at a time right now.
Official site
Official Instagram (@mnetproduce101)

The dedicated subreddit is a nice hub for all info/videos. /r/Broduce101

Flashback: Season 1 PICK ME post

[MV] GOT7 - Never Ever

[DEBUT] MVP - Take It

Kinda dig this.
Reminds me a lot of LC9's MaMa Beat, which I enjoyed.
Good energy for a debut.

Bonus of their official introduction video from two weeks ago, MANIFEST:

[MV] HIGHLIGHT - It's Still Beautiful

Official channel link

A fairly seamless transition from Beast to Highlight so far.
We'll see if it stays that way.
Make sure to subscribe and support them at their new official channel if you're a fan.

[MV] LOOΠΔ 1/3 - Love&Live

Loona did a bunch of cf advertising stuff last month.
This month they have released a mini-album with the first 4 members of the group, hence "1/3".

[MV] So Ji Sub (feat. Changmo) - Are You With Me?

[MV] NELL - Full Moon

I believe this animation was created-for/featured-in Nell's concerts.
Gotta post it for being super fun.

[MV] Justin Oh (feat. Hyolyn) - Jekyll & Hyde

[MV] Ashmute - Scenery

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

[ADMIN] Quick note on re-naming groups and tags...

This has happened before, but it happened in quick succession recently, so I'll mention it.

The artist VASCO is now going by the name Bill Stax.
The group KMUCH is now going by the name Be.A.
The group formerly known as Beast (5 out of 6 of them anyway) has left Cube and will use the name HIGHLIGHT.

Not that I have a really amazing tag system or anything, but I try to keep things logical. My intention will be to continue tagging these artists with both names into the future. The exception would be if Cube re-makes Beast... then I'll only tag Highlight as Highlight. The precedent for that being TVXQ and JYJ. I don't tag TVXQ on JYJ stuff anymore, because TVXQ is still a thing and they are distinctively separate groups.

Not that these are super-important things. Just putting this here for clarification... and also as a reminder to myself. Lol.


Official channel link

[MV] Cherry Coke - Like I Do

Took a bit of digging, but I think she's been producing music for a while and this is her first MV.
I believe this is Cherry Coke's Soundcloud.

[MV] Jung Key (feat. Wheein) - Anymore

Jung Key is the producer.

[MV] Skull, Koonta - Still

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Official channel link

[MV] DAY6 - How Can I Say

[MV] Stella Jang - Colors

All English, but the simple layered harmonies are pretty tight.

[MV] Soyon - Rain Drop

Quite a talented vocalist.

[MV] Hwang In Sun - Hwang Ya (Wilderness)

Auntie InSun still at it!
This is the kind of thing that would go viral and Kpop fans would be baffled as to how it happened. Lol.

[MV] Ra.D - Look Into Your Eyes

Sohye from I.O.I/Produce101 in the MV.

[MV] San E - Seoul, or the 120 Days of Sodom

NSFW: Sexual content and general debauchery.

English captions are available.
That was an interesting journey.

Friday, March 3, 2017



Official channel link


Official channel link

[MV] Boy Wonder (feat. Andup, Lobsta) - Gimme That

[MV] NEON - You're prettier in the morning than at night

[MV] JOOHEE - She's Mine

[MV] OVAN (feat. Chancellor) - VIRGIN LOVE + Girl You Deserved It


Girl You Deserved It

[MV] DPR LIVE (feat. DEAN) - Know Me

[MV] PENOMECO - WTF (Went Too Far)