Tuesday, April 14, 2015

[MV] Dalshabet - JOKER

[MV] Yoo Se Yun (feat. Jay Park, NiiHwa) - Middle School Sick

Comedian Yoo Se Yun with a fun track.

[MV] JINUSEAN - Tell Me One More Time

A genuine comeback in the native use of the word. Lol.
I think it'ssomething like 11 years since their last release.
So many cameos.
And the female vocalist is YG trainee Jang Hana.

[MV] M&D - I Wish

Heechul of Super Junior and Jungmo of TRAX providing a glorified advertisement for SM Entertainment and their new building. Lol. These guys collabed back before Heechul did his military service.

[MV] INFINITE H (feat. Sanchez) - As Long As You're Not Crazy

[MV] BASTARZ - Zero For Conduct

New Block B subunit including Zico, P.O., U-Kwon, and B-Bomb.

Oh look, my favorite exploitative imagery!  /s
Mostly faceless women wearing lingerie as sexualized background decorations. It's a literal meat market up in here! The teaser had some of them wearing or removing Japanese kimono/yukata, so uh... I guess this is an improvement?

Song is okay, but the MV.......................

[MV] Paperbag - Bye

Sunday, April 5, 2015

[MV] Jimin Park - Hopeless Love

Jimin is from 15& and JYP is also signing her with the Studio J sub-label as a solo artist.
Very cool vibe. Atypical sound for a ballad.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

[MV] MAMAMOO (feat. ESNA) - Ahh Oop!

I think I'm going to end up liking every single thing MAMAMOO ever does.
As long as they have a jazzy/groovy sound... I'm so down.