Monday, February 27, 2017

[MV] Taeyeon - Fine


Ooo, the soundscape of this...
Code Kunst produces atmosphere and I love it.
Such a cool collab for me. Faves on faves on faves.

[MV] Park Won, Suzy - Don't Wait For Your Love

[MV] PIETA - Island (+ B_Side)

B_Side after the cut.

[MV] Mackelli - YOU

[MV] Gugudan - A Girl Like Me

CAUTION: Flashbulb effects/strobing lights

[MV] Lovelyz - WoW!

[MV] Ailee - Reminiscing

Official channel link

Some cool vocal flourishes in there.

[MV] HIGH4 - Love Line

Official channel link

[MV] IMFACT - Please Be My First Love

[MV] Min Chae - Can't You Hear Me

[MV] Most Badass Asian - Joker (+more)

Turn Off the Radio, MBA, and Thursday Party in the full post.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

[MV] K.A.R.D - Don't Recall

Official channel link

Not quite the energy of their debut, but I think it's a good follow-up.

Choreography version and the 'Hidden' English version in the full post.


Probably the strongest sound MelodyDay has achieved, imo.

[MV] SINCEB (feat. CROQ) - Okay (Not Bad)

[MV] VARIOUS - Barbie Girl

[MV] Double K (feat. JUSTHIS & Ann One) - That Boi

[MV] Life and Time - Love Virus

Chill sound. I was wondering about all the Klimt paintings. Apparently there has been a 'Klimt Inside' exhibition in eastern Seoul that ends in early March. Pretty cool that they shot a video there.
And once again the art history nerd in me is delightfully tickled!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

[MV] BTS - Spring Day

Absolutely no idea how to categorize the 'genre' here.
The instrumental is so weird. Not necessarily in a bad way.
It's just... weird.

[MV] B.I.G - 1.2.3

[MV] Jang Joon, Young Taek (feat. BéE) - Drought

Official channel link

Woollim's W Project #2

[MV] Boni - Episode

[MV] The VANE - Round & Round

[MV] PERC%NT - Snowball

[MV] J'Kyun (feat. Cherry Coke) - Soaking

[MV] BEATWIN - Don't Leave

[OST] Suho (feat. REMI) - Starlight

From the Star of the Universe OST.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

[MV] CROSS GENE - Black or White

NSFW WARNING: Horror, vampire-related blood gore...

Official channel link

I guess we're doing horror this year? Lol.

[MV] Crucial Star (feat. Babylon) - You Can Rest


[MV] San E - Counselor

Official channel link

I recommend the subtitles. Gets pretty heavy with mental illness, medication, therapy stuff.

[MV] From The Airport - Go or Die

[MV] Skull (feat. Verbal Jint, KittiB) - CRAZY

[MV] Marvel J (feat. Changmo, Don Mills) - Forgive Me

Also released a Remastered version of 'I Came To Hustle' from back in 2015, which I'll put in the full post.