Monday, June 24, 2019

[MV] Chung Ha - Snapping

Not the hugest fan of the song, but who the hell cares?!?!! It doesn't get better than Chung Ha in terms of performance as far as I'm concerned. Absolutely killing it.


[MV] ZELO - Questions

Zelo's solo debut after leaving B.A.P/TS Ent.

[MV] JeA (feat. Cheetah) - Dear. Rude

Official channel link

[MV] Bumkey X D Gerrard - Come Back To Me

Thai/Korean collab.

[MV] Vincent Blue - Stupid

[MV] MONSTA X (feat. French Montana) - WHO DO U LOVE?

Another English collab.

Edit: Bumping this up now that there's an MV for it!

[AUDIO] BTS, Juice WRLD - All Night

The last of the sub-unit collabs for BTS's Netmarble game OST. There should be a full-group track this week with the release of the game.

[MV] SATURDAY - Gwiyomi Song

[MV] Roof Top- Ugly Face

[MV] Basement Claxxic - STAY

[STATION] Lee Dong Woo X Song Kwang Sik - The Love in You

[MV] Urban Zakapa, Yoon Jong Shin - One Happy Day

[MV] N.TIC - Fiction

[MV] 608 (feat. Ha Hyun Woo) - The Fog

Seems like everything Hyun Woo touches becomes epic.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

[MV] Red Velvet - Zimzalabim

I kinda can't stand this track. Lol. Intensely Frankenstein-y.
They look great though!
The rest of the album is pretty good. Sunny Side Up is my jam.

[MV] Stray Kids - Side Effects

[MV] SF9 - RPM

Official channel link

[MV] Yesung - Pink Magic

[MV] LEO (VIXX) - Romanticism

[MV] KittiB - Anymore

[MV] CHAI (feat. pH-1) - Give and Take

[MV] 015B, Jane Jang - Camellia Flower

[MV] Yerin Baek - Suddenly

[MV] JEONGMIN (Boyfriend) - Twenty One, Me and You

[MV] Yoo Seung Woo, MINSEO - You

[MV] Car, the Garden - Memorize Our Night


Weird, dreamy track. Love the animation.

[DEBUT] Blue Zone Boys - Question

Shortened to Bz-Boys, I think? New Chrome Entertainment group.

[MV] Coin Classic - Feel So Good



The Ribs (feat. La.Q):

[MV] Nozy (feat. Jinsil, Yonko) - Today is the day

[MV] Beijo - Seasons Pass

[MV] Narae Lee - Spiderman

Lots of strobe flashing throughout. Clever video though.

[OST] Solji (EXID) - Within Reach

From the Perfume OST.

[AUDIO] Bohyung - Beautiful

Friday, June 14, 2019

[ADMIN] YG Entertainment shenanigans

Yang Hyun-Suk and his brother Yang Min-Suk stepped down from their positions in YG Ent. Guessing there will be a hierarchy re-shuffle at the company by Monday. I'll just put a couple links here to the coverage over on reddit if you want updates all in one place.

YG to leave YG Entertainment

Megathread: Yang Hyun Suk and Yang Min Suk have resigned from YG entertainment, plus ongoing B.I scandal

Been a long night. OTL.


Somi gets her solo debut at long last!
(And YG Ent. implodes the next day. Lol. Dunno how much TheBlackLabel will be affected.)

[MV] Jiselle - Better This Way

[MV] Urban Zakapa (feat. Beenzino) - Seoul Night

[AUDIO] BTS, Zara Larsson - A Brand New Day

J-Hope and V of BTS this time. More of the OST for their Netmarble game coming later in the month. Another with RM/Suga next week. Like the Piri (flute) in this one.

[MV] DICKPUNKS - Bicycle Man

[DEBUT] WhiteDay - Shine on light

[MV] 1/N - SAVE ME

[MV] Yonko - I'm OK

[MV] Kid Milli (feat. Loopy) - APP

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

[MV] U-KNOW Yunho - Follow

[MV] ONG SEONG WU - Heart Sign

Official channel link
Part solo-debut, part Pepsi collab.


Official channel link

[MV] NOIR - Doom Doom

[MV] EZUZ (feat. Kyungri) - Latte is Horse

[MV] 1/N - Love is Wonderful

[MV] 6band - Surfing With My Love

[MV] Solbi - Violet

Saturday, June 8, 2019

[MONTHLY] Favorites for MAY 2019

I was feeling some lady energy for May. Bom and SWJA are my tops for the month.

I've enjoyed having Bom's voice back in our midst and this little collaboration with Wheein to a more rock sound really suited what I was in the mood for. I've also had my eyes and ears on Sunwoo JungA for years, but I'm just really really in love with her new mini (Spotify link). She seems like an incredibly interesting person and I could listen to her all the time.

In the full post: Kim Dong Han, Leo Kang/Nody Cika, Eric Nam, Lim Jimin, N.Flying, Cherry.B, Mommy Son, BVNDIT, GOT7, 3YE, IZ, BeatBurger, OnlyOneOf, and Boramiyu.


Sick instrumental.

[MV] Jay Park - Feng Shui

[AUDIO] BTS, Charli XCX - Dream Glow

Only Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook of BTS. They have a big Netmarble game coming out later in the month. Each week a sub-unit song will be released from the game soundtrack. Possibly each with a collab? Don't know yet. The other sub-units are supposed to be J-Hope/V, and RM/Suga.

[MV] Heo Young Saeng - Moment

[MV] SeoGy, Perrie - Vintage

[MV] Song Wonsub (feat. Criss Animak) - I Love You

[MV] Skull (feat. Koonta, MION, VIGORMAN) - fosho

[MV] Zizu - BMW

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

[MV] fromis_9 - FUN!

[MV] WJSN - Boogie Up

Official channel link

[MV] Teen Top - Run Away

Official channel link

[MV] JUNE - Tonight

PLT just keeps putting out great stuff.

[MV] IZ - Hello


I was thinking, 'This sounds just like Yoon Jong Shin' and then looked it up. Sure enough, YJS composed it. XD

[DEBUT] JI JIN SEOK - Good Night

Official channel link
Participated in the Under Nineteen show.

[MV] Chic Angel - I Like It

[MV] OVAN, VAN.C - sleeplessness

[MV] Bizzy - BzB

[MV] Street Guns - 오래된 무언가

[MV] A.S.H - Making The Night

Sunday, June 2, 2019


That drop. O.O

[MV] LEE HI (Feat. B.I) - NO ONE

[MV] Sunwoo JungA - SAM SAM

I've grown to be such a big fan of SWJA.

[MV] Yoona (feat. 20 Years of Age) - Summer Night

[MV] Woody - Natural



[MV] ONEUS - Twilight

[DEBUT] Boramiyu - Hello, When we were us

Official channel link

[DEBUT] OnlyOneOf - savanna & time leap

Chill sound for a debuting boy group.

[MV] BURSTERS - Barriers

[MV] Lee Chang Min - Easy to say

[MV] IT'S (feat. Crucial Star) - Don't be shy


[MV] ROCKITGIRL - little cat

[MV] 12DAL - Don't Care

[MV] Brand Newjiq (feat. Jeong Min Gyun) - Cushion