Sunday, March 28, 2021

[MV] IU - Coin


Citypop IU, chart destroyer.

[MV] KANGTA - Freezing

[PROMO] GSoul - For You

Collab with Project Feeliv.

[MV] OVAN - I'm Fine


I've become quite attached to Seo Jae Hyun's voice. So interesting and beautiful.

[MV] Roda (M.O.N.T) - ANXIOUS

[MV] LambC - Jelly (Eng.)

[MV] Motte - Walk


[MV] BULGOGIDISCO (feat. Bassagong) - Kimchi Soup

[MV] Nath - Lovers In My Backyard

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

[MV] SORN (CLC) - RUN (Eng.)


[MV] Lim Young Woong - My Starry Love

Doing so well on the charts. The Trot resurgence continues!
Also an excellent young dancer in there. Great technique already.

[MV] B.I - Midnight Blue


[MV] YOUHA - zzz

I believe this is a tribute to her dog 'Milky' who she grew up with, but passed away recently. :(
Lovely song though.
She also released an MV with lots of puppers in it to "brighten up your day."

[MV] U Sung Eun - I'll Listen

So good!

[MV] Seori - Lovers in the night

[MV] DPR IAN - Scaredy Cat (Eng.)


[PROMO] Ailee - Believe

Collab to celebrate PUBG's 4th anniversary and will be used as the theme song for the Global Invitational.

[MV] SPACECOWBOY (feat. OOHYO) - Afterlife

[MV] Eldon - Monster

[MV] LUAMEL - Covet

[MV] Earth Kim - Say What You Want

[DEBUT] Eternity - I'm Real

No music video has ever made me this uncomfortable. EVER. It genuinely started making me feel kinda... nauseated? It gave me chills in the worst way. This is peak uncanny valley. If anyone doesn't know what the uncanny valley is, just show them this video.

We're probably going to have more and more 'AI' groups going forward and I'm dreading it for exactly this reason. I can tolerate the APOKI CG bunny and even aespa's Barbie doll avatars, but a giant HELL NO to this. NOT LIKE THIS.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021



[MV] Jessi - What Type of X


[MV] Weeekly - After School

[MV] PURPLE KISS - Ponzona

Strobe lighting! God it's everywhere this year.

[MV] Super Junior - House Party

[MV] DRIPPIN - Young Blood



Lighting/animation/strobe effects could be disorienting.

The choice to put distracting animations in the letterboxing for the performance shots was a terrible decision. Can't really pay attention to the dancing as a result.

[DEBUT] Ciipher - I like you

New group out of RAIN's company.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

[MV] ROSÉ - On The Ground

[MV] Jiselle (feat. Changmo) - LANGUAGE

[MV] Dreamcatcher - Poison Love

Another self-made MV. Always a riot.

We're going to be blessed with a Dreamcatcher AMA in just a couple days over in r/kpop.
Pray for us mods. Gonna be nuts. Lol.

[MV] ATEEZ - Celebrate

[MV] DPR IAN - Nerves (Eng.)

[OST] Ailee - My Las Love (In Paradisum)

From the 'Sisyphus : the myth' OST.

[MV] Band Nah - All The Time

[MV] Raffina & Cavi - Woo-hoo Song

[MV] Skinny Brown (feat. Coogie) - Protect U

Thursday, March 11, 2021

[MV] RAIN (feat. Jackson Wang) - MAGNETIC

[MV] SOYOU - Good Night MY LOVE

The song starts at 2:16.

[MV] BUZZ - Analogue


[MV] ATEEZ - Time of Love

[MV] IZ - Say Yes

[DEBUT] MAJORS - Spit it out

[MV] Jun. K - Hide and Seek, 1995 (Jpn.)

[MV] Punch (feat. - I'm jealous

[MV] Punch - My everything

[MV] YONGYONG (feat. DAVII) - baby i hate me now

[CF] lIlBOI, Wonstein - Circle

Promotional collab with Galaxy Buds Pro.
I wish the CF was the full track. Kind of a jam. (Audio for the whole song)

Sunday, March 7, 2021


'PO MY GIRL'. Lol cute.

[MV] G-reyish - Blood Night

[MV] MC MONG (feat. Shin Yong Jae) - Myosotis

[MV] MC MONG - Blind

[MV] MC MONG (feat. Jo Hyun Ah) - There Can't Be a Good Breakup

[MV] PARKMOONCHI, Young K - What a Wonderful Word

[MV] MINJE (feat. SURAN) - Slow

[MV] TRI.BE - Loca

[MV] Azer - Elegante

This group is made up of students from the Kpop Department at Howon University.
The choreography was made by them.

[MV] GSoul, BEN - Can Love Be Fair?

GSoul has reverted back to his OG stage name, minus the 'dot'.
Smart choice. 'Golden' was way less searchable.

[OST] GSoul - Stay (tempus)

From the 'SISYPHUS : The Myth' OST

[PROMO] Solji - Will You Come Slowly

Promo for Play Life Song Project in support of young people suffering with depression. 

[MV] yey - Dawn

[MV] Leebada - Love Drug

[MV] GEMINI, Jay Park - Trip

[MV] MAKTUB - Full Bloom

[MV] Paloalto, Khundi Panda, SUMIN - Unsung Heroes

[MV] YONGYONG (feat. Jayci Yucc) - HE'S GONE

[MV] General SSO (feat. KURO) - Bacteria Men

[MV] E:Rn - Pretend To Know

[MV] BLOO - Drama


[MV] Chan - Answer Me

[MV] lIlBOI, Wonstein - FRIENDS

Laughing my ass off at the Teletubbies/Oldboy mixed reference.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

[MV] iKON - Why Why Why

[MV] MCND - Not over

[MV] DEMIAN (feat. DAWN) - LOVE%

[MV] RAIN (feat. Chung Ha) - WHY DON'T WE

[MV] VERIVERY - Get Away

[MV] ATEEZ - Fireworks (I'm The One)

[MV] J.DON - Clicker

[MV] BIG Naughty (feat. JAMIE) - Joker

[MV] Narae Lee - Someone Special

[MV] Coco (feat. G2) - Lately

[DEBUT] PIXY - Wings

Strobing lights throughout


[MV] D'allant (feat. Yoon Dambecc) - Spaceship

[MV] Wilcox (feat. Motte) - RUDE

[MV] Ants, It's - window

[MV] OWLER - When You Sleep

[MV] Balming Tiger - JUST FUN (Eng.)