Friday, April 28, 2017

[MV] BoA - Spring Rain

Station2 #6

[MV] Bumkey (feat. Beenzino) - Surprise

Official channel link




[MV] JeA (feat. Ra.D) - You're Different

Official channel link

[MV] VARSITY - Hole In One

[MV] BURSTERS - Dreamer

Nice rhythm change in the bridge.

[MV] MIND U (feat. Mad Clown) - Loved U

Official channel link

This duo was previously known as Acourve, but they just changed their name.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

[MV] Yoon Jong Shin - Fossil & Rookie

Monthly release for April.
Went digging into the obvious Shepard Fairey propaganda poster style of the MV.
Apparently Fairey is doing a big project in Seoul this month and that's where the collaboration came from. Looks great!

[MV] hyukoh - TOMBOY (+ Wanli)

+1 for the wild animation. Fire and smoke people for the win.
Been listening to Hyukoh's album today. It's really fantastic.
I'll put the Wanli video after the cut. Very cool sound. Heavy on the instrumental.
And a gorgeous video.

[MV] WE ARE THE NIGHT - Our Younger Days

[MV] Boi B (feat. Sik-K) - ADY

Official channel link


I think the rapper might be Lil Fish?

[MV] Martin Smith - Paint On Spring

Can't find much on these guys. Cute song though.
Contrary to what the name implies, they're a duo.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

[MV] hyukoh - Leather Jacket

Music starts at about 1:43.
Not a fan of the MV. It's so aggressive. Lol. Obnoxious punks being obnoxious punks.
Love the song though. Nice rockabilly kinda feel.

[MV] IU - Ending Scene

Chart-wrecker IU.
I think she'll have a couple more MVs off of this album. Not sure.

[MV] SNUPER - Back:Hug

The chorus feels so much like older Infinite.

[MV] Double K (feat. Kriz) - Used To

[MV] Red Velvet - Would You (Acoustic version)

Station2 #5

SM actually released two Stations for the week. The main release (#4) is from the Stanley Clarke Band, which is pretty unexpected and cool. It's almost entirely an instrumental jazz jam session with a rap break in English.

To Be Alive:

[MV] Ulala Session - Beautiful

For some inexplicable reason this video is trending in Russia and getting bombarded with harassment and dislikes. ???????
Maybe toss it a like if you have a moment just to counter-act this weirdness.

[DEBUT] HINT - TangTangTang

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

[LIVE] IU with OhHyuk - Can't Love You Anymore

IU's 2nd pre-release. This came out about a week ago and it has been topping the charts for the entire time. The duo of chart-destroyers. Her album will be out in a couple days.
This is on IU's official/personal Youtube channel, which is a relatively new thing.

I live for how completely weird this video is. OhHyuk trolling. IU trolling. While simultaneously sounding spectacular. Weird IU is best IU.

[MV] SF9 - Easy Love

[MV] Yesung - Paper Umbrella

[MV] Ra.D - Day Off

Sunday, April 16, 2017

[MV] MINZY (feat. Flowsik) - NINANO

Minzy's official solo debut post-2NE1.
I'm going to continue tagging CL, Dara, Bom, and Minzy with '2NE1' since the group is fully disbanded and not being re-made with new members.

[MV] LOOΠΔ / ViVi (feat. HaSeul) - Everyday I Love You

ViVi is the 5th member introduced for Loona. 7 to go.

I know they were going for a retro look in the MV, but those overexposed shots are punched up too high. Rather glaring. Lol.

[MV] LABOUM - Hwi Hwi

Liking this more than a lot of the other girl group tracks so far this year.
Nice whistles.

[OST] HA:TFELT, Bohyung & SURAN - Cross Country

Part 4 of the 'Cross Country' OST.

I think this is pretty gorgeous. Some of my favorite lady vocalists in Kpop.

[MV] Berry Good - BibbidiBobbidiBoo

Official channel link

Oh dear. This entire production feels like a huge downgrade.

[MV] DinDin - Super Super Lonely

[MV] Lee Byoung Hyeon - Bye Bye Cloud

[MV] EXP EDITION - Feel Like This

Those thesis project guys are back...
Supposedly they've been studying/working in South Korea for a while and this is a re-debut with more serious effort.

[MV] BURSTERS - Wherever You Are

Saturday, April 15, 2017

[MV] Hyolyn, Changmo - Blue Moon

Official channel link

[MV] Baekhyun - Take You Home

Station2 #3

[MV] Jung Hye Sun - The Dream In Dreams

Way off the beaten path. Interesting though.

[MV] Double Eight - BOOSTER

Apparently these guys released something two years ago... and nothing since?
So, I guess this could be considered their debut.


[MV] Kisum (feat. Gilgubonggu) - Sleep Tight

[MV] The Barberettes - Spring, Bear

[MV] Jane Jang - Carmin

[MV] DAZE - Friday

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

[MV] Lena Park - Courting

[MV] Lee Haeri (Davichi) - PATTERN

Sometimes tracks are nearly impossible to categorize in a genre. Heh.
Pretty cool from Haeri. I'm so accustomed to straight ballads and musicals from her.

[MV] BOYS24 (Unit Black) - Steal Your Heart

[MV] Yesung - Hibernation

[MV] Kim Na Young - Being an Adult

[MV] Double K (feat. M) - Green Wave

[MV] Sweet Revenge - Fly High

[MV] Seo In-a - APDIERO

I needed some wacky trot today.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

[MV] Taeyeon - Make Me Love You

Quite a grand sound.
The English lyrics are turning me off of this one.
Also, the obsessive focus on Taeyeon's face in many of her recent videos is a little... trying. A little more variety in there would help, I think. 'I Got Love' was better about this imo.

[MV] IMFACT - Tension Up

[MV] Gaeko (feat. Rap Monster) - Gajah

Official channel link

The weirdest.



Nice dancers.
Winner's first comeback after Nam Taehyun's departure for health reasons.


I have a high tolerance for weird artsy videos.
But even this one is 2artsy4me.