Sunday, April 24, 2016


Brilliant idea for a video.
It's the anthology of Kpop concepts. Also gives each member their own distinct identity.
So smart.

One month later we get a performance version where all the concepts/filters are represented.
Super fun!

[MV] Lovelyz - Destiny

Official channel link

Choreography version:


Official channel link

The production sounds so flat to me.
Bit of a let-down.

EDIT: The album is excellent. Pretty U is probably my least favorite. Great stuff on there though.

And also the audio on the MV uploads is effed. I was glad to figure that out. Have to go to an 'illegal' upload to find the proper audio. Vastly better.

[MV] BolBBalgan4 - Fight Day


The main vocalist's tone is similar to the Jpop artist YUI to me.
Sounds good.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

[MV] VIXX - Dynamite

I like this one more than Chained Up.
I still prefer their darker concepts. This looks like something Beast or Teen Top would do.


[MV] BTS - EPILOGUE : Young Forever

Official channel link

Supposedly this is the first of three MVs that BTS will be promoting with.

Will they ever make something I don't like? Geez louize.
Even the more generic stuff is still a pleasure to listen to.

[MV] Bizzy (feat. BUMZU) - All I Need

Official channel link

I see you with your one line, Tasha. Ha.
Nice from Bizzy

[MV] Berry Good - ANGEL

The sound of this is super interesting! Rhythm changes, a unique instrumental, and a lovely MV too.
Good for them!

[MV] Defconn - No More Pain


[MV] Choyoung - Our Thing

So chill.

Monday, April 18, 2016

[MV] Yesung (Super Junior) - Here I Am

Yet another long-time SM artist getting a proper solo debut.
A bit generic for me, even by SM ballad standards.

[MV] Apink - The Wave

Apink celebrating their 5th anniversary since debut!

[MV] GOOFY - Old Song

I'll copy 1theK's blurb:
GOOFY debuted in 1996 as a super rookie group, releasing mega hit songs like "Much More", "Sad Love Story", "The Rule of the Game", "Alright" and many more! In celebration of the 20th year since debut, the group returns with more genuine and fun music.
Kinda cute to get some old guys back together.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

[MV] Heechul X Jungmo X Wheein - Narcissus

Station #10

Heechul of Super Junior and Wheein of MAMAMOO on vocals, plus Kim Jungmo of TRAX as guitarist and producer.

Interesting collab!
Heechul and Jungmo have done a few rock collabs over the years (M&D) and Wheein's voice adds a whole new awesome flavor to the mix.

[MV] JeA (feat. Jung Yup) - Bad Girl

Official channel link

[MV] TK - One More Night

[MV] K-Tigers - Hero, Neck Slice, and Here For You

Had to dig a little to figure out what this group is. Basically appears to be a Taekwondo team that markets itself in the same way as a Kpop group/company. Their YouTube channel has lots of Taekwondo remakes of currently popular songs. [Example: Hot Pink]

They're now debuting as a proper music group with a mini album. They call themselves a 'flexible group'. The whole company has 200 people, but each song can have any number of participants.
Opening promotions with these three songs.

Hero (WARNING for flashing/strobing lights):

Neck Slice:

Here For You:

[MV] Jambinai - They Keep Silence

Hnnnnnnng. I love Jambinai.

[OST] Descendants of the Sun OST : Compiled!

I don't post OSTs here. Not usually anyway. Many OST tracks are mellow/generic and the MVs often have dialogue and random insertions of the drama's audio, which irritates me.

Descendants of the Sun is a very very VERY popular drama right now, starring Song Joongki and Jin Goo. I rarely watch dramas, but I've surrendered to starting in on this one. Relevant to our interests here is that this drama has a killer OST with contributions from excellent artists. So I've decided to give them their own post!

Keep in mind the MVs are compilations of clips from the show... so SPOILERS.

  1. Yoon Mi Rae - Always
  2. Chen and Punch - Everytime
  3. Davichi - This Love
  4. Gummy - You Are My Everything
  5. Kim Na-Young (feat. Mad Clown) - Once Again
  6. K.will - Talk Love
  7. LYn - With You
  8. SG Wannabe - By My Side
  9. M.C the MAX - Wind Beneath Your Wings
  10. XIA Junsu - How Can I Love You
All MVs embedded after the cut.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

[MV] Mintty - Already Go Lady

Since TINY-G disbanded, the fate of the former members has been up in the air.
I was excited to hear Mint would have a solo debut.
Unfortunately, I'm quite underwhelmed.
The production is weak and the styling leaves much to be desired.
Seems like she has the potential to be a charismatic performer, but... this is doing her no service.

[COVER] Matilda - Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms

Nice little cover from the new group Matilda.
Link to High4/IU's original here.

Monday, April 11, 2016

[MV] SLEEPY (feat. Bang Yongguk) - Body Lotion

Official channel link

[MV] Block B - Toy

This is pretty great.
The structure/style is more reminiscent of earlier Big Bang.

[MV] HISTORY - Queen

Wild instrumental.

Dance version:

[MV] Classico (feat. Romantic Melody Chobi) - My Narrative

[MV] Three Men With Three Guitars - I walked through spring with you

[MV] U Sung Eun (feat. Kisum) - Jealous

[MV] Sam Kim (feat. Crush) - No Noonchi (No Sense)

Friday, April 1, 2016