Wednesday, May 31, 2017


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Oof. This is a hard one for me. This is Sistar's final track. They're disbanding. OTL
I probably felt more attached to Sistar than any of the other 2nd generation girl groups I watched debut and then recently disbanded.
I'm sure we'll still get lots of music from Hyorin and Soyou. From what I've seen, Bora and Dasom are more interested in acting and other things. So, they'll be around. I loved this group though and it hurts to see them dissolve. Such is life for 7-year idol contracts. Nothing gold can stay.

Pretty solid hit-makers for years. Especially those iconic summer hits. 'Shady Girl' is still an OG fave. 'Alone' is probably my all-time favorite from them, but 'Loving U' is a close contender.


[MV] FROMM - Spring, a winter of dream & Fin

Spring, a winter of dream:


[MV] Silla - Cold

[MV] The Black Skirts - Who Do You Love

It's 19+ for a couple showering together, being sick from alcohol, criminal hijinks, and a gunshot wound.
All quite tame though.

[MV] Taylor - Swimming Pool

The track was released last Fall, but I'm glad it got a remaster with an MV.
Such a chill song.

[MV] Kim Ki Peum - Out of my way

Very indie and a debut, but this sounds pretty great.

[MV] FANA - What is The World Comin' to

[MV] Kebee - Why owe you

Live drums are so nice.

Monday, May 29, 2017


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[MV] APRIL - MAYDAY (+ Lovesick)

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April also released 'Lovesick' as a performance MV, which had only been on their reality show previously. I'll put it after the cut.

[MV] ASTRO - Baby

[MV] Baek Ah Yeon - Sweet Lies

The Barberettes are providing the background vocals.
I wish they were more present on this.

[MV] Jazzyfact - All Day

Been ages since Jazzyfact did anything, but Beenzino promised he'd do something with Shimmy Twice before enlisting in the military.

[MV] NAVID - Not Coming Back To Me

[MV] CoCoSoRi - Wishy Washy

This is only CoCo of CoCoSoRi.

[MV] JANEY - Lemonade

Sunday, May 28, 2017


[REMAKE] FTISLAND (with Kim Na Young) - Love Sick

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Love Sick was FTISLAND's debut song. Took me right back.
Quite a nice ballad version. Hongki and Nayoung sound great together.

[MV+LIVE] SM Station 9 and 10

The Station releases for this week and the last are both instrumental tracks, so I'll post them together. SM is really expanding outside of any expectations for this project. Pretty cool.

Station2 #10 - Kim Sehwang and Jungmo (TRAX) - Nostalgia

Station2 #9 - Myron Mckinley Trio - E-12

A lovely interview with Mr. Mckinley which gives some context is HERE.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017

[MV] LOOΠΔ / Kim Lip - Eclipse

Kim Lip is the 7th introduced member of 12.

Gotta say this is the first Loona release that I'm truly enthusiastic about. Very solid song. There's some nice detail in the track production as well as the vocal.
Beautiful video, too, though I would prefer to do without the butt shots. Lol.
I'm interested to see her perform live. Good energy.

[MV] MAP6 - I'm Ready

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Whoa! The closest Kpop has come to Hardstyle was D.holic's 'Color Me Rad'.
But they even integrated a little jumpstyle in the choreo. Bold choice for a debut.

Choreography practice (very worth watching)

[MV] Shin Hyun Woo - So Amazing

[MV] SEVENTEEN - Don't Wanna Cry

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Really fascinated by this track. The chorus instrumental is so basic and spare, but I think it still works...? Can't quite figure it out for myself. It's interesting.
The MV's big performance shots and choreography are incredible though.



Video is flashy af, but I wish the track wasn't so insistently monotone.

[MV] Loco (feat. DPR LIVE) - MOVIE SHOOT


IDOLM@STER KR is a Korean drama (available on Amazon Prime).
There is a fictional girl group on the show called Red Queen.
This group includes: Sojin (9MUSES), Han Hyeri (I.B.I), Ari (TAHITI), and Gaeun (After School).

[MV] Romantic Punch - Fantasy Express

Friday, May 19, 2017

[DEBUT] SOHEE - Spotlight

Kim Sohee was on K-pop Star 6 and is with Hunus Entertainment.

[MV] Urban Zakapa - ALONE

[MV] DEAN (feat. Syd) - Love

All English, but it's so chill I have to post.
Some naughty lyrics in there. Whew.

Edit: UMG blocked this for lots of countries for who knows what reason.
Here's a link to an unofficial lyric video.

[MV] Microdot - Welcome To The Jungle

Featuring: Kangnam and Kim Byungman

[MV] DUETTO - Yearnings

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Now for something completely different.
A dueling tenor power ballad of epic proportions.
These men have pipes. PIPES, I SAY!

[MV] TAEK - We Are Together

[MV] Dumbfoundead - Hyung

I guess Dumbfoundead is making a legit effort in the Korean market instead of just in the States.
Featuring: Dok2, Simon Dominic, Tiger JK

Monday, May 15, 2017

[MV] VIXX - Shangri-La

I have such a lady boner for choreography with fans.


I... uh... honestly can't figure out how I feel about this.

Mainly I'm thinking that it was heading in an interesting direction, but only got half the way there. It feels like an incomplete experiment.

[MV] LOOΠΔ / ViVi (feat. JinSoul) - Everyday I Need You

JinSoul is the 6th member of Loona. We're at half! 6 more to go.
This one was released as a result of the previous 'Everyday I Love You' MV getting 300k views.

[MV] Jay Park - Hulk Hogan

[MV] Young Cream - Night

[MV] SOOM (feat. Sanchez) - TBH

Ahn Soo Min (SOOM) was on Unpretty Rapstar 2.

[MV] Moon Myung Jin (feat. Reddy) - Lie Down

[MV] Yu Ha Eun - Answer Me, My Love

Friday, May 12, 2017

[MV] Unnies - Right?

Created during KBS’s show Sister’s Slam Dunk (Season 2)

Cast: Kim Sook (comedian), Hong Jinkyung (model), Kang Yewon (actress),
Han Chaeyoung (actress), Hong Jinyoung (singer), Minzy (singer), and Somi (singer).

[MV] Hitchhiker X Taeyong - AROUND

Station2 #8

[MV] Richard Parkers - TODAY


Pretty animation.

[MV] Navi (feat. DinDin) - Are you in love?

[MV] The KoKos - Better Together

Really like the vibe of this, including the MV.

[MV] Cherry Factory - Don't Be Mad

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Edit: Bumping this back up, because it's a slow week and this new choreography version of the MV is far superior to the vertical video LG promo thing originally released.

Original LG promo MV
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KARD was recently named Global Ambassadors for the LG G6 phone. Probably the reason for the mobile/vertical format of the MV. There is discussion around that it doesn't actually look good on that size phone and looks better on competitor phones. LOL.

[MV] EXY X Euna Kim (feat. Zia) - Love Therapy

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Exy and Euna were contestants on Unpretty Rapstar.

[REMAKE] Onew X Rocoberry - Lullaby

Station2 #6
It's a remake of Rocoberry's original song.

[MV] Sojung (Ladies' Code) - Better than Me

[MV] O.WHEN - No One Else

[MV] NiiHwa - Can't Stop