Thursday, July 31, 2014

[DEBUT] Red Velvet - Happiness

UPDATE: SME took the video down, edited out the gross bits and reuploaded it.

I'm really hoping SME takes down this video to edit it. At around 33 seconds in, there is a collage of newspapers from WWII full of headlines and content about dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. Multiple ethnic slurs about Japanese people are clearly visible.

This is inexcusable and reprehensible as far as I'm concerned.

Later into the MV there are collaged images of buildings from the New York city-scape with stock images of billowing smoke behind and two toy airplanes. One can only hope that this is an unfortunate coincidence and not a reference to 9/11.

Take it down, SME! It's not fair to these girls to have their debut tainted by your lack of quality control and insensitivity!

Red Velvet is SME's brand new girl group. Considering that f(x) cancelled the rest of their comeback promotions and Sulli is possibly leaving the group... Red Velvet seems to be replacing them. We'll see what happens.

[MV] Sunny Hill - Once in a Summer

I'm so accustomed to Sunny Hill having great lyrics with important social commentary and an interesting sound that this is downright jarring. Lol. Seems unlike them to do something so trite, cutesy, and saccharine.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014

[MV] g.o.d. (feat. Megan Lee) - The Story of Our Lives

g.o.d. has had a fantastic comeback after forever. This is perfectly aligned with their classic sound. Good stuff.

[MV] Henry - Fantastic

I was hoping for a little more BAM IN YOUR FACE VIOLIN since it's really Henry's forte... still fun though.

A week and a half later EDIT: Henry posted a string quarter version!

[MV] Kim Hyunjoong - Beauty Beauty

This is a polar opposite style to Unbreakable. Lol. I kind of dig the look of the video. Reminds me of Hyori's U-Go-Girl. I'm terrified to imagine what a "Blacky Line" is though...

[MV] Ailee - I'm in love (2LSON cover)

Another Ailee MV with no Ailee in the MV. Heh. Just for clarity... the actress 'singing' in the MV is not Ailee.

[MV] BESTie - Like a star

[MV] Parc Jae Jung - Stalker

Nice melody and beautiful MV... it's age-restricted due to flashes of creepy/disturbing stalker-ish imagery at the very end.

Friday, July 4, 2014

[MV] Clazziquai Project - Love Satellite

Great track from Clazzi, as usual, bit of a warning on the video though. It's strange. Dude has a pig-nose. And the characters voice is digitally altered in such a way that sounds very eerie and potentially disturbing. Fair warning... though I'm just particularly sensitive to certain kinds of sounds and this one is hitting all the wrong buttons. Maybe it wouldn't bother anyone else.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[MV] Younha - Umbrella

This is kind of a 'remake' of Epik High's 'Umbrella', which featured Younha on the chorus. Here we have all Younha. One of my favorite Kpop songs ever and I adore both versions. Just gorgeous.

[MV] So Ji Sub (feat. Soul Dive) - Boy Go

[MV] FIESTAR - One More

[MV] Junweather - I Stand Alone

[MV] Ra.D - Fly Away

[MV] g.o.d. - Sky Blue Promise

[MV] Zizo - Run

[MV] HYO MIN - Nice Body