Wednesday, January 17, 2018

[MV] JBJ - My Flower

Super fun!
Enjoying the low-end. Fantasy was strong there too.

[MV] Chung Ha - Roller Coaster

That pink outfit is so over-the-top.

[PROMO/CF] Jay Park (feat. Woo Won Jae, Jessi) - RUN IT

Nike's new Just Do It campaign with some Olympics flavor.
GRAY produced.


Warning for strobe light effects throughout.


[MV] Bizzy (feat. BIBI) - Ooh Ah

[MV] Double K, Flowsik, Killagramz - SWAY

Not my kind of  thing, but the drop made me perk up!

[MV] Biuret - STRANGER

[MV] Joonil Jung - Say Yes

[MV] Samuel - Winter Night

[MV] Sik-K (feat. Woodie GoChild, Herr Nayne) - YeLowS Gang

So many F-bombs.