Sunday, December 27, 2020

[MV] Uhm Jung Hwa (feat. HwaSa, DPR LIVE) - Hop In

[MV] K-Tigers Zero - Last of us

[MV] VERIVERY - So Gravity

[MV] Brand New Music - BETTER DAYS

Bumkey, Yang Da Il, Han Dong Geun, Kang Min Hee, YODAYOUNG


[MV] Baek Ah Yeon - I Need You

[MV] Jeon Sang Keun - I Still

[MV] Jukjae, HYUK - Camellia

[MV] VERIVERY - Love at first sight

[MV] GIRIBOY - It Was Love

[OST] BewhY - Side By Side

From the SweetHome OST

[MV] NAUL - For each other's sake

[MV] YoonDo - Once in a December

[MV] Yerin Baek - I'm in love (Eng.)

[MV] 10cm - Winter Breath

Monday, December 21, 2020

[MV] ENHYPEN - Let Me in (20 CUBE)

[MV] DPR IAN (feat. DPR LIVE, CL) - No Blueberries (Eng.)

[MV] Jang Hyunseung - I Just Can't Stop Loving You


[MV] Wavycake, Ovus (feat. Def.) - Dream

[MV] MRSHLL (feat. Queen WA$ABII) - DO U

[MV] Brand New Music - CHANDELIER

Brand New Music artists: AB6IX, BDC, and Lee Eun Sang.

[MV] Brand New Music - 1 YEAR

Brand New Music artists: Eluphant, HANHAE, KANTO, Yenjamin, Rudals, and GREE.

[MV] Antenna Music - Our Christmas Wish For You

Antenna artists: Jung Jae Hyun, Park Sae Byul, Seo Dong Hwan, Lucid Fall, Peppertones, Sam Kim, Jukjae, Yun Seok Cheol, Lee Jin Ah, Kwon Jin Ah, CHAI, and Jung Seung Hwan.

[MV] Hyunjin (Stray Kids) - Little Star

[PROMO] Hwasa X SIMS 4 - Play With Life


[MV] plee (K-Tigers Zero) (feat. Crucial Star) - Blind

[MV] Dark Moon - I don't know how lucky I am

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

[MV] TAEYEON - What Do I Call You

[MV] Yerin Baek - Hate you

Yerin continuing with the mad creepy vibes. And cursing up a storm!

[MV] ONEWE - A book in Memory

[MV] Jhnovr - Strangers Again

Yeeeeaaahhhhh. Always fun to discover a new favorite right at the end of the year.
It's chill, but I love the hell out of it. Even more than I liked 'U' and I really loved 'U'. The music video is also totally gorgeous. The instrumental bridge gave me chills.
And finally looked up the Hangul for his name to get a pronunciation. 존오버. I think it's intended to be like 'John over' kinda. Jon-oba.
Big fan so far.

[MV] LEE HI (feat. Crush) - For You

[MV] Kim Sung Kyu - I'm Cold

[MV] Sonnet - Ready

Sounding killer as always.

[MV] YOUNGKUT (feat. Jung In) - Why

[MV] ABOUT - People Have Not Been & What We Living For

[MV] sEODo - AMY

[MV] 015B (feat. Dongha) - I See You

[MV] Young Jun, SAAY, dress - Darling

[MV] Joosiq - Good Night

[MV] Leellamarz & GooseBumps - WHY YOU MAD + TOP DAWG

Video is a little bloody/creepy.

[MONTHLY] Favorites for NOVEMBER 2020

November ended up being pretty stacked. BTS, LUCY, and GFRIEND were my picks for the month. Aside from Suga's jarring line in 'Life Goes On' with the heavy tuning (sorry Yoongs!), it's a great song. Has more in common with older tracks like 'Just One Day'. I continue to be excited about LUCY. Any time they have strong violin in there I'm gonna be a fan. And y'all know I'm all about the retro trend, so GFRIEND's 'MAGO' has been a treat. I like it even more now that I've listened to it a bunch.

Also a shout-out to Chung Ha sneaking in there at the end of the month with her English performance track 'Dream of You', which I've had stuck in my head since its release. Wishing her well with the positive COVID diagnosis. This current surge is frightening. Finally starting to hit idols. And here in the US people have obviously just utterly given up. Hard to give a damn when people in power are willfully cruel and don't give a damn themselves.

In the full post: GEMINI, Dynamic Duo/BewhY, BOL4, SECRET NUMBER, Super Junior, OWLER, Paloalto, HA SUNG WOON, TAEMIN, Sound Kim, Ha Hyunsang, XIA Junsu, Lee Juck, JAMIE, STAYC, AKMU, UZA&SHANE, Yang Da Il, and Chung Ha.

[MONTHLY] Favorites for OCTOBER 2020

Where are all the men? Lol. None of the guys are getting featured spots. Well, keep it up ladies! It was all Suhyun's 'Alien' and TWICE's 'Can't Stop Me' for me in October. I've really appreciated TWICE's newer material. Their last couple of albums have impressed me. Probably means that older TWICE fans are vibing less with that transition in their sound, but I'd say they're picking up a new audience! Also that choreography is super fun.

In the full post: BLACKPINK, Crispy Monster, ITZY, Golden Child, Pentagon, VERIVERY, SEVENTEEN, If Enough, MAMAMOO, So!YoON!/Phum Viphurit, JBJ95, P1Harmony, K/DA, Woo Hye Mi, and CL.

[MONTHLY] Favorites for SEPTEMBER 2020

EVERGLOW and Chuther were the picks for September. Funny contrast. Quintessential flashy choreographed girl group pop and then an indie solo R&B lady with a self-aware ode to laziness. Good stuff.

This Blogger platform decided to totally overhaul the interface and the resulting changes made it significantly more tedious/less convenient for me to use. So aside from having to evacuate my home at the end of September (all safe now!), I just kept putting off the Monthly posts until I could figure out how to manage the new system better. Catching up with them now.

In the full post: Lovelyz, South Club, MAMAMOO, JAMIE, RAINSTONE, YELLA, Moonbin & Sanha, Sik-K/Golden, fromis_9, W-NIC, Bumkey, The Boyz, 10cm, eaJ x Seori, GHOST9, ONEWE, TOO, and YOUHA.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

[MV] IZ*ONE - Panorama

[MV] THE BOYZ - Christmassy



[MV] JUN. K - 30 Minutes Might Be Too Long

[MV] Yubin - Wave

[MV] Yerin Baek - 0415 (Eng.)

Strange vibes for the video.
Song starts at 1:24.

[MV] JAMIE - 5 Language Christmas

[MV] DAVII - Jamie Cullum

[MV] JUNE - 10cm


In collaboration with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Project.

[MV] Henry - JUST BE ME (Eng.)

[OST] NIEL - Ignore

From the 'SWAG' movie OST.

[MV] MOMOLAND - Merry Go Round

[MV[ KOYOTE - Odd Imagination


[MV] MONA - On the Move

[MV] Kid Milli (feat. Okasian) - Bankroll

[MV] Ben - Lonely night

[MV] INS Entertainment - Love Challenge

Dewsisters, Tgom, Kim Soya, KN-JI, Im Eun Been, and Havy.

[MV] Rad Museum - Wet Umbrella / This Night

[MV] LA POEM - Dazzling Night & Crescent

Nice to have more opera dudes.

[MV] Gavy NJ - Last Christmas

[MV] B.O - Starlight

[MV] eaJ x keshi - pillows



From the Live On OST

[MV] Yoon Jong Shin - Over

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

[MV] BoA - Better



[MV] NeD - TMI

[MV] GXXD (feat. MOON, Blase) - Dance

[MV] Crucial Star - Your Night


[MV] DAHEE - No Worries

[MV] Park So Yeon - Flower

Monday, November 30, 2020

[DEBUT] ENHYPEN - Given-Taken

Sounds like ENHYPEN will join BTS and TXT in the excessively pitch-corrected vocals department. Seems like they're going a little darker than TXT in overall aesthetic and sound.


[MV] NCT U - Work It

[MV] Chungha (with R3HAB) - Dream Of You (Eng.)

That suit at the end... 

[MV] KAI - Mmmh

He also released 'FILM : KAI', which is a visual/performance medley of songs from his album.


TWICE, Bekuh BOOM, and Annika Wells all on the track.

[OST] Hyolyn - Spell

From the 'SWAG' OST, a movie that will be out in December.

[MV] PURPLE KISS - My Heart Skip a Beat

Pre-debut release. Dunno if there will be more than this performance version.

[MV] YUMDDA (feat. Zion.T) - hanadoo

[MV] Doritori - Staycation


[MV] H a lot - We are

[MV] Fishingirls - Fishing King

[MV] EARLS, Lee Chulho - Be bop a lula

[MV] UP10TION - Destiny

[MV] NIve (feat. Heize) - 2easy

[DEBUT] BAE173 - Crush on U

Pretty decent debut. Reminds me of Seventeen's sounds.

[MV] LUNCH - Mr.Santa

[MV] Choi Ye Geun (feat. JUNE) - Stay up

[MV] JUNNY (feat. Kid Milli) - NEW GIRL

[MV] JERO - With you 2013


[MV] Cacophony - I am sorry (Eng.)

[MV] qman (9.10000) - To You

[MV] AHN YEEUN - Waltz

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

[MV] GOT7 - Breath

[MV] NCT U - 90s Love

[MV] TAEMIN - Think Of You

[MV] woo!ah! - Bad Girl

[DEBUT] NiziU - Step and a step (Jpn.)

Still haven't decided if I'll continue to post their Japanese stuff here, but I'll get their official debut in here at least.

[MV] Super Junior D&E - Wings (Jpn.)

[MV] HANHAE, YODAYOUNG - Mask Christmas

So say we all.


[MV] SURAN (feat. Car, the garden) - The Door

[MV] DICKPUNKS - Man on the Moon

[MV] UZA&SHANE - Shine

[MV] Grizzly (feat. SUMIN) - Flower Shop

[MV] Yang Da Il - Darling

[MV] ALi = Day and Night

Haven't seen ALi in a while. Good to hear her voice again.

[MV] WINee - Clock

[MV] Lee MinHyuk - Kissing you

[MV] WH3N - Only One & The Night Without Saying Goodbye

[MV] CITI - Today

[MV] Jay Chang - Is you

[MV] CHEEZE - Good Night

[MV] Class Mate - Four Seasons

Thursday, November 19, 2020

[MV] BTS - Life Goes On

I sobbed.
Been a hard fucking year.

This is the happiest I've been with a Bangtan album since YNWA. That issue I've had with the vocal production on the last few albums is less absolute on BE. It's definitely still there, but there are more times when it's gone entirely. I still hear excessive pitch correction on Fly To My Room and Telepathy (and Dynamite). But Blue & Grey is a ballad and it's very minimal there. Might be my favorite on the album. And then Dis-ease and Stay have certain phrases heavily tuned, but the rest is normal. I recommend Dis-ease the most to anyone missing the oldschool Bangtan sound. Also Stay... which is closer to Wings vibes.

And other than Suga's verse, Life Goes On has relatively raw vocals. Very tolerable for me and I love love love it. It's the most lowkey BTS lead track. Only Just One Day and Spring Day are in the same ballpark. The video kinda destroyed me. It's really beautiful. Jungkook's direction is very him. Very GCF.


[MV] Akdong Musician - HAPPENING

[MV] NORAZO - Bread

I think it might be about bread. Loooooooooooooool.

[MV] Lee Seung Gi - The Ordinary Man


[MV] Dreamcatcher - NO MORE (Jpn.)

Proper heavy Japanese rock track! Pretty fun.

[MV] 2Z - All I Need

[PROMO] SURL - Shine

Promo for SK Telecom


Promo for SK Telecom

[MV] Jane Jang - DUST

[MV] WOOGIE (feat. ROMderful & punchnello) - PARADISE

We just had a lovely AMA with Woogie over in r/kpop. LINK

[MV] Lacuna - Dancing in the rain

[MV] H:CODE (feat. Jeon Sang Keun) - A night full of you

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

[DEBUT] aespa - Black Mamba

There's so much going on in this MV that it's kind of distressing. The whole project with the AI characters and all that... has also distressed me.


[MV] MOMOLAND - Ready Or Not

[MV] LOONA - STAR (Eng.)

[Debut] Bling Bling - G.G.B

[PROMO] Weki Meki - The Girls Running on the SANMAGIYET-GIL

[MV] DRIPPIN - Shine

[MV] CNBLUE - Then, Now and Forever


[MV] BTOB 4U - Show Your Love

[MV] Car, the garden - Get To You

[MV] OCYAN - Now we love

[MV] PARK JUNGMIN (with Ella) - Love So Sweet

[MV] withus - DOGAEBI

[MV] WET - 1,2,3 (love on tree)

Sunday, November 15, 2020


[MV] TXT - We Lost The Summer

[MV] JAMIE (feat. Jay Park) - Apollo 11

[MV] LUCY - Snooze

Yesssss, more violin. Interesting instrumental throughout actually.

[MV] E'LAST - Tears Of Chaos


[MV] NATTY - Teddy Bear

[MV] Max Changmin - All That Love

Still a trip to see DBSK's maknae all grown up and getting married and stuff.


[MV] Lee Juck (feat. Jinpyo Kim) - Stoning

[MV] Sung Dam (feat. Punchnello) - Into you

[MV] Nam Seung Min - Twist King

[MV] Del.Mo - Feel So Good

[MV] Han Beak - NO MATTER

[MV] GODAK (feat. JUNGGIGO) - Gonna be together for a long time

Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Just gonna keep riding this retro train for as long as it lasts.
Also props to the one doing the pole-work (Yuju?). Strong effort! She looked great.


[MV] XIA - Pit A Pat

Junsu managed to peel himself away from the theater for two seconds, grow a mullet, and release a classic pop track. You're lucky you're my ult with that hair, dude! Lol. Seems like most of the songs on the upcoming album are ballads, so this is some nice standard pop-Junsu fare. Feels a lot like Incredible or Rock The World.

[MV] HA SUNG WOON - Forbidden Island

[MV] Classy - I Know But

[MV] Paloalto - ENERGY

[MV] DJ Juice, Sikboy (feat. DEY) - FUEGO

[MV] 1set - To

[MV] V.O.S - Call your name

[MV] Ha Hyunsang - 3108

[MV] Sound Kim - Hoochu

Saturday, November 7, 2020

[MV] Jang Woo Hyuk - SHE

[MV] OWLER X Rene Hauyne - My Boo!

[MV] UMiN - Relationship

[MV] Primary (feat. Sam Kim, WOODZ, pH-1) - Bless You

[MV] Jeonguk - I need you. Period.

[MV] yourbeagle (feat. Leellamarz) - Love Song

[MV] CL - +H₩A+


Wasn't sure how different the performance video (below) would be from the full version, but now that we have full version I'll just put them both in the same post.

[MV] MINO - Run away

[MV] SWEET SORROW (feat. IU) - Small Room

[MV] PARK JIHOON (feat. PENOMECO) - Hit it off

[MV] OVAN, Lunch - Paris

[MV] Raiden X HYO (feat. Coogie) - Think About Me

[MV] GEMINI - Going & Broken Love

Liking this a lot. I think this is his debut? Not sure. Can't find much info.
He also released 'Broken Love', which is like half'n'half English/Korean.

[DEBUT] PRISMA - Breakout

The first version of the MV was released a week prior, but had issues and "This version contains enhanced visuals and remastered audio." So... this is the... better... audio. Ahem. Sorry, ladies.

[MV] YEJI KIM (feat. Dbo) - Hush!

[MV] B1A4 - Water Drop



Retro Halloween vibes. Kinda sounds like The Cure, which doesn't happen much with Korean music. Fun!

[MV] DJ Wegun, Jay Park - Twist The Plot

Kinda bloody and strange. Lol.

[MV] Woo Hye Mi - Heaven

This is from her posthumous album. Man, I'm going to miss her work so much.
What a fabulous voice and energy. :(

Friday, November 6, 2020

[ADMIN] Catching up again...

Election stress over the last week messed me up good. Lol.
A lot was released since before Halloween, so I'll be gradually posting to catch up.


[MV] MONSTA X - Love Killa


[MV] SECRET NUMBER - Got That Boom

That's a jam.

[MV] BOL4 - Dancing Cartoon

[MV] BOL4 - Red Lipstick


[MV] Dynamic Duo (feat. BewhY) - SOON

[MV] Jung Jinwoo (feat. Rohann) - MOVIE



[MV] Lim Young Woong - HERO

[MV] Acoustic Collabo (with Kim Kook Heon) - I like it when I’m with them

[MV] GIRLKIND - Psycho4U

Thursday, October 29, 2020


More of that retro synthwave on trend. Lighter vibes than Everglow's. I like it.
That side-lunge drop in the choreo is great.

Edit: Finally got a chance to listen to their Eyes Wide Open album. It's pretty fabulous.


(G)I-DLE's Soyeon and Miyeon reprising their roles along with Madison Beer, Jaira Burns, and Lexie Liu joining the group as 'Seraphine' singing in Chinese,
Can't beat POP/STARS, but it sounds pretty good.

[MV] TXT - Blue Hour

Funk pop, but with moar cowbell. XD
Chipmunk(?) kinda freaking me out.

[MV] Refund Sisters (Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung Hwa, Jessi, Hwasa) - DON'T TOUCH ME

When Hyori says she wants to form a supergroup on a variety show (Hangout With Yoo), Hyori gets her way. Lol. This has been killing on the charts just like SSAK3.


[MV] CIX - Jungle

Strong flashing light in the performance shots.

Quite an elaborate MV. I wish there were less cuts and strobing light. Couldn't fully appreciate the set designs and dancing.

[MV] DKB - Work Hard

[DEBUT] DRIPPIN - Nostalgia

[DEBUT] P1Harmony - SIREN

[MV] T1419 - Dracula

Pre-debut release.

[MV] Paul Kim - Hangover

[MV] fromis_9 - Weather

[MV] Boramiyu - I tried

[MV] Super Junior K.R.Y - Traveler (Jpn.)

[MV] Bizzy (feat. Tiger JK, Jung In) - WALKIE TALKIE

[MV] KOYOTE - Delete

So true to that old-school pop sound.

[DEBUT] DPR IAN - So Beautiful

Cool track. English. IAN was in C-Clown, but this is his solo debut.

[MV] JUO - Hide And Seek

[MV] Puer Kim - Unpretty tattoo

A little gruesome... eating her own heart/flesh? Done in an artsy way though.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

[MV] MVP - Every Day

[MV] Stray Kids - ALL IN (Jpn.)


[MV] fromis_9 - Mulgogi

[MV] Crush (with Taeyeon) - Let Me Go


[MV] MOON (feat. Zion.T) - Walk In The Night

[LIVE MV] Samuel Seo (with UNITY band) - CYCLE


[MV] A-FLOW (with Choerry) - YOU

[MV] Motte - Rocket