Saturday, April 6, 2019

[ADMIN] Regarding the Burning Sun / hidden camera scandals...

Seems like a necessary post to make at some point. How about now? Lol.

So, I mostly keep these things separate, but if you also use reddit's /r/kpop it's probably not a secret that I'm a moderator there. I use the same username everywhere. Since the end of January, we've been covering this massive Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Burning Sun, molka, corruption, etc, scandal. It has taken a huge amount of work from our mod team to stay on top of it. It's the primary reason I've been a little slower with updating KPOPPY recently.

As of the time posting this, we're up to our sixteenth megathread and this thing looks like it's just going to keep going and going and going.

Trigger warning if you don't know about this stuff and start clicking through. Be careful. Sexual assault is a significant facet of these stories.

Our timeline / catch-all for news
Our Who's Who compiled list of who is involved
Megathread 16

In the full post, I'll detail how all of this stuff is going to impact what I do here.

I've had to think about how to handle this on KPOPPY going forward. As certain artists are charged for criminal activity, what do I do with their content here? In the past, my attitude has mostly been to still post music from artists that are 'problematic' or been caught up in scandals, trying to be a neutral curator. I even posted Yoochun's most recent comeback after all his shit, but I didn't really want to. Even though charges were dismissed against him, I'm not convinced some really messed up stuff didn't go on there and I have no personal interest in his career anymore. Frankly, I'm not neutral enough to tolerate posting artists like that anymore.

I've made some decisions. I will not be removing anything retroactively. Everything that is already on the KPOPPY blog will stay where it is... even with my comments on them. Yoochun, Hyunjoong, and Iron won't be posted anymore, for past scandals. Hyung Jun might also be added to that. I will not be posting anything from Seungri as a soloist (he's retired anyway). I will not be posting anything associated with Jung Joong Young (had some of my favorite music, this asshole), which includes JJY band or Drug Restaurant. Anyone else who is charged with shit will not be posted.

Roy Kim, Eddy Kim, Kangin, and Jinwoon are in limbo. If all they did was share a couple pornographic images that aren't molka or were just present in chats... they may still get a pass. I figure most dudes do that at some point in their lives. Even though it squicks me out, I'd probably have to stop posting like half the K-Pop content that ever comes out if that was the ethical line I drew. Lol. If they shared material they took of people illegally, they'll be gone too.

The guys who are members of groups, Jonghoon (FTISLAND), Junhyung (HIGHLIGHT), Jonghyun (CNBLUE), will have no solo work here. However, it doesn't seem fair to not post their group material going forward. Jonghoon (retired) and Junhyung have left their groups anyway. CNBLUE might be trickier. Jonghyun is still in the group. We'll see what happens there. BIGBANG is really up-in-the-air at this point. I wonder if they'll even continue as four. I believe I would still post them if Seungri isn't involved.

There are plenty of 'problematic' behaviors that I can shrug my shoulders about. Stuff like drug use, cultural appropriation, fat-shaming, skin-color shaming, or saying bigoted things, etc, piss me off and I'll speak out against them all day long, but they're things that can change with education. I'm willing to let people change. Like Kangin and Siwon are already 'cancelled' in my own head, but I still post their work.

However, assaulting/raping people, furthermore making a game out of it, furthermore illegally recording it to share around.............. is SO FUCKING BEYOND THE PALE...


It has been a difficult couple of months, folks.

Ahem. I will also be removing artists/links from the KPOPPY main site. Seungri and Jung Joon Young stuff is gone. I think I got everything, but I'll probably scour through again when I get a chance.

I may post about this again in the future if there are any more major developments.
Sorry for this bummer of a post. Until then, take care of yourselves out there!

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