Saturday, April 6, 2019

[MONTHLY] Favorites for MARCH 2019

March was packed! I had like five tracks that could have been my top choices. Tried to pare it down, but I still ended up with 18 MVs in the full post. They might all struggle to load in. Beware! Lol.

Going with these two for the top. SUNMI's 'Noir' and RM's intro for BTS's new era 'Persona'. But Subin's 'Katch Up' and TXT's 'Crown' debut were also super strong contenders and they easily could have fit in here too.

In the full post: Jus2, KEY/Soyeon, Jang Dong Woo, TXT, Subin (DALsooobin), Hong Jinyoung, EPIK HIGH, GWSN, Park Bom, The T-Bird, Adios Audio, MAMAMOO, VSiiGN/JK Kim Dong Uk, EDEN, Jeong Sewoon/PENOMECO, Vincent Blue, JBJ95, and CIFIKA/Crush/Woo.

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