Thursday, March 17, 2016

[MV] Red Velvet - One Of These Nights

Pretty colors! Pretty ballad, but a bit underwhelming maybe?

The album is nice. I think most everyone was hoping for it to be more heavy on the R&B slow jam feels... like Be Natural and Automatic. But it's straight ballads, leaning towards the pop side with only a touch of R&B. Interesting.

EDIT: I wondered about the yellow boats, references to water, etc, but didn't dig deeper.
There's a blog post getting a lot of attention now for a detailed breakdown of symbolism in the MV... all related to the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

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allkpop's translation

SM has often inserted larger political or social issues into their MVs/lyrics, sometimes very sloppily (ie. Red Velvet's Happiness), but this one is a fairly respectful tribute.

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  1. This song is quite good, and it gets better on repeat listens. And the MV is very compelling and beautiful, especially as a tribute to the Sewol Ferry tragedy. However, this is not the sound I expected for the Velvet side. "Automatic" seemed like the perfect balance to their energetic Red songs, so I was hoping for more chill R&B tracks like that. Instead we got a very somber ballad. I wanted to groove, not cry.