Sunday, May 29, 2016

[MV] XIA (feat. The Quiett, Automatic) - ROCK THE WORLD

Official channel link

Cue fangirling.
This was posted to Naver a day early, so I've been listening to it on repeat.
Thought I wasn't going to be as into it knowing it would be pushing towards hip hop. Turns out I love it anyway. Definitely designed to be a concert jam to get everyone hyped.

Love the video concept from Digipedi. A bit of Death Note in there (his most recent musical).
The tarot theme is cool. The symbolism could easily be tied to the SM/JYJ situation.
The dancing is... spectacular. Holy...

Last year we thought Junsu was releasing his last album before enlistment, but he has continued working and hasn't been called up yet. So here he is releasing another awesome album. But this will certainly be the last before military service.

Couldn't be more pleased!

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