Sunday, February 3, 2019

[MONTHLY] Favorites for JANUARY 2019

New year, new music! The monthly posts continue!

January was a slow start for me. By this time last year there were already tracks that ended up in my top 30 for the whole year. Nothing like that has stood out so far. There were plenty of interesting tracks from big groups and beautiful videos, but there wasn't much that 'sparked joy' in me (Lol!).

I picked three anyway!
SHAUN, Chung Ha, and The LEE HI/CODE KUNST collab on top for January.

In the full post: J-CAT, VERIVERY, GRRIEND, FAVORITE, ATEEZ, Hyomin, Cherry Bullet, SEVENTEEN, Woody, IMFACT, ROH TAEHHYUN, MINSEO, NeonPunch, CLC, and BewhY.

Bonus points to TURBOY for giving me a good laugh.

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