Saturday, March 2, 2019

[MONTHLY] Favorites for FEBRUARY 2019

There were a whole lot of ballads and chill R&B tracks in February. I liked a bunch of them for their pretty and interesting melodies, but I pared most of them out as I worked on this list.

Taemin and Dreamcatcher both served up some dark fantasies that I loved. I've really enjoyed watching Taemin's live performances of WANT. He's amazing. I think I've had either PIRI or LOONA's Butterfly continually stuck in my head for at least a week. They just trade off. Lol.

In the full post: JAEMAN, Jiselle, Lafee, ONF, HWASA, Sik-K, MiSO, LOONA, Kim Bohyung, The Pink Lady, SF9, U Sung Eun, Cacophony, GIANT PINK, and Ha Sung Woon.

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